Introduction: Let's Learn How to Draw Fruits

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Cute cartoon fruits adventure on this tutorial video. A green pear, a red apple, a yellow banana and and orange orange. A cute voice reads the fruit names and colors aloud so you can learn how to say and write the words. Watch, draw & color and learn English words at the same time! What a funny way to learn arts and languages!


  • A thick black marker
  • A thin black marker
  • A light green marker
  • A dark green marker
  • A red marker
  • A yellow marker
  • An orange marker
  • A brown marker
  • A pink marker
  • Paper (bleedproof or use an underlay)

Step 1: Draw the Pear

Draw the basic outline of a pear.

Step 2: Draw the Apple

Draw the basic outline of an apple next to the pear. The apple should be as wide as the pear but a bit less tall. Draw the leaf on the right side of the stalk.

Step 3: Draw the Banana

Draw the basic outline of the banana next to the apple. The banana should be half as wide as the apple and about two times as tall.

Step 4: Draw the Orange

Draw the orange next to the banana. You can use the edge of a glass to draw the circular outline.

Step 5: Draw the Faces

Draw the eyes to the fruits. Use the thin marker to achieve more accurate details. Start from the left side of the fruit. First draw a circle , then draw another smaller circle inside it and then draw a very small circle on the lft side of the smaller circle. Color the inside of the middle circle and leave the smalles circle white. The draw the same on the right side of the fruit's "face". Do this to all of the fruits. The banana's face should be in the top part and the pear's on the bottom part. Draw mouths to the fruits. Each mouth should be a half circle (bottom half for a smile).

Thicken the outlines to get a nice look and to make the coloring easier.

Step 6: Start Coloring

Color the cheeks first. Draw oval shapes under each fruit's eyes and color them with the pink marker.

Step 7: Color the Pear

The pear's color is green. Color the inside of the pear with the green marker. Remember to go around the pink cheeks. Color the stalk with the brown marker.

Step 8: Color the Apple

The color of the apple is red. Color the inside of the apple with the red marker, the stalk with the dark green marker and the stalk with the brown marker.

Step 9: Color the Banana

The color of the banana is yellow. Color the inside of the banana with the yellow marker. Color the ends with the brown marker.

Step 10: Color the Orange

The color of the orange is orange! The same name and color! Color the inside of the orange with the orange marker. Now all the fruits are colored and ready for...eating! :D

Step 11: Finished!

Now go eat your fruits! (Don't eat paper, I mean real fruits :D)