Introduction: Let's Make a Picnic Perfect Nanner Puddin (Banana Pudding)

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Greeting from the sunny South, the home of maters (tomatoes), taters (potatoes) and nanner puddin (banana pudding)

Now if you live in the south (if you don't let me educate you) you know it gets pretty hot in the summer. It is also a time for picnics, family reunions, church picnics and any other number of out door food consuming activities.

This recipe is fantastic for all of those and you won't have to worry about that pesky summer heat turning your picnic dessert with your someone special a gloppy mess.

Here we go, it's a easy a pie, well okay pudding.

Step 1: What You Need...

From the grocery story
  • Vanilla pudding mix (the large box)
  • Bananas
  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Milk

From the kitchen

  • A medium sized sauce pan
  • A large Bowl
  • A long Handled Spoon
  • A paring knife

Step 2: Making the Pudding...

  • Add three cups of milk
  • Add the pudding mix
  • Stir it up well
  • Set you stove to medium

Now this is the hardest part of the whole project.

Stirring this mixture takes a while. You will want to turn the heat up above medium. DON"T DO IT!!! RESIST!!! Jell-o has been in business since 1899, trust what they tell you, cook it on medium. Here's will scorch really quickly if you are not careful. I won't tell you how I know, let's just say I know.

Stir until the pudding thickens. It is not quite custard like but close.

Step 3: Layering

Start layering with the vanilla wafers. It builds a good base. Then add bananas, more vanilla wafers, more bananas and so on. Just make sure you don't put more than you have pudding mix for.

Step 4: The Final Touch...

Pour the pudding mixture over the vanilla wafer/banana layers. When pouring it, make sure to pour it over all the layers. This will blend everything together as the heated pudding softens the wafers and releases the sugars in the bananas.

Step 5: Enjoy...

And you are finished. Time to enjoy. Easy to transport. Won't "wilt" in the heat and taste yummy.

What more could you ask for???


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