Introduction: Lily Watercolor Painting.

About: Hello there! I'm Francesca and I love drawing... that's why I started to share my passion with all of you with speed paintings and tutorials. I hope to inspire your artistic creations with my Instructables! :)

In this Instructable I will show you how I painted my latest illustration.

The girl in the picture is called Lily, and she is my original character. I used: Mijello Mission Gold watercolors, Arches hot pressed paper. WATCH THE VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND THE COMPLETE PAINTING PROCESS :)

Step 1: Skin

I start painting the skin with a pale orange / rose colour. Once the
first layer dried, I paint again over it to create depth and shadows.

Step 2: Hair

I paint hair starting from a soft violet base. Once this first layer
dried, I paint hair with darker colours: purple, fuchsia, and blue. I continue the layering process until I am satisfied with the result.

Step 3: Shirt and Hair

I paint the first layer or her shirt (wet on wet).
While the paint was drying, I continued layering her hair (wet on dry), using blue watercolour.

Step 4: Background

I first paint strawberries behind the girl. After watercolor dried, I painted the background, using the wet on wet technique.

Step 5: Highlights

Once painting is completely dried, I use white pens to add light reflections
on the picture (I highlighted hair, strawberries, shirt , eyes, necklace, etc.).

Step 6: End

This is the final result. Please watch the video to see the complete painting process. I hope you like this painting, bye :)