Little Kit of Draw- Pequeño Kit De Dibujo



Introduction: Little Kit of Draw- Pequeño Kit De Dibujo

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In this instructable can obtein a little kit for draw, can go to With this tutorial you can get a small drawing kit that you can take wherever you want in your pocket, as we know all the artists have ideas and sometimes forget to take something to draw, but with this little kit you will not forget it, it can also be a gift for someone who wants to learn to draw contains an instructive step by step to begin to lose the fear in the drawing.

Step 1: Construction Materials

  • impresión de documentos
  • caja de caramelos de metal de menta
  • lápiz
  • borrador
  • sacapuntas
  • bisturí de papel cortador
  • tijeras
  • regla
  • cinta adhesiva de doble cara
  • tabla de cortar

Step 2: Cut Instructive Drawing

Al aire libre

Step 3: Fold

puedes ayudar con la regla

Step 4: Stick With Double Adhesive Tape

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Step 5: Now You Have the Small Instructive the Size of Your Metal Box

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Step 6: We Will Make a Small Diorama to Decorate Your Little Drawing Kit

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Step 7: Cut With the Scissors the Frame and With Your Paper Scalpel Cutter the Background of the Two Images You See in the Photo

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Step 8: Stick With the Appointment With Double Adhesive If You Want to Have Depth You Can Occupy One With Thickness

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Step 9: Stick Order on the Lid of Your Metal Box

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Step 10: In the Document There Is a Small Notebook With White Sheets That You Can Use to Draw This Is Done With the Same Proficiency That You Did the Small Drawing Handbook From the Beginning of the Tutorial

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Step 11: You Already Have Your Little Drawing Kit Save Your Pencil, Pencil Sharpener and Eraser, You Can Take It Wherever You Want

Step 12: Save What You Need to Draw

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