Introduction: Little Scorpion Charm

This Little Charm will add beauty/coolness to your bag! The steps are easy though it looks hard.

Step 1: String

Take a -- practically very long string. About 2 feet, more or less (as long as more than a foot and a half).

Step 2: Beady 6

Place 6 beads that have holes which can fit twice the thickness of your string.

Step 3: Beady Lockser

Take one special bead (make sure you have 6 more of those) and place it.

Step 4: Back to Your Trails

Now, take the end of the string and insert it back to the 6 beads.

Step 5: Twosome Bodies

Take two different beads and place the strings in them... intersecting the 2 strings as shown in the picture.

Step 6: Repeatedly

Do the same thing you did from step 2-4 on both sides.

Step 7: Awesome Threesome

Now, do the same thing at step 5 but this time, 3 beads.

Step 8: Body Furnish

Do this until you get 6 "legs" and 1 "tail" (7 groups of six beads and a heart.

Note: The pattern of the body is 2-3-3-2.

Step 9: Head

Take 10 different beads and do as shown in the picture.

Step 10: Big End

Take one big bead and tie a square/granny knot at the end after putting the strings in. Done!

Step 11:

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