Introduction: Look-a-Like Lithics

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With a used up giftcard, simple tools and craft supplies you can produce a fair facsimile of a knapped projectile point (arrowhead)

Step 1: Draw and Cut

Find an arrowhead image you would like to use and draw it on a plastic giftcard. Rough cut out the shape and then make various size scalloped cuts along the edges of the arrowhead shape. Use fine sand paper to put a beveled edge on the scalloped cuts.

Step 2: Paint

How realistic your arrowhead looks will depend on your painting skills. I try to mimic the look of the conchoidal fractures that are made durng the flint knapping, then I try and highlight the faux fractures with a dry brush and contrasting paint.

Step 3: Finished Points

The Look-a-Like arrowheads can be used as jewelry, a bolo tie or as an interesting display piece.
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