Introduction: Macramé Stone Necklace

Title says necklace but I am making a bracelet for this tutorial because its quicker lol but of course this can be made into a necklace and further explained in following steps.

This is similar to my other instrucable on interchangeable stone necklaces. Except this will not be interchangeable. The stone will stay on the necklace or bracelet.

8 to 12 pieces of string that are 5 foot to 9 foot long.
Embroidery string works great and is very cheap at Walmart.
5 foot for bracelet or ankle bracelet.
9 foot for necklace. It's better to have to much than not enough.
Ruler or tape measure to measure the string.
Tape and surface to do the macramé on. I use a wood stool lol
And stone or center piece of your choice.

Step 1: Measure and Tape

Measure your 8 to 12 pieces of string to your desired length.
Now knot all strands together at one end. As in pic one.
And as in pic one tape down to your surface.
Separate strands into 3 groups as shown in pic two. In this I am using 8 strands so middle has 2 strands. Other 2 sides has 3 strands. If using 12 strands use 4 for all 3 sections.

Tape the middle section down as shown in pic 3.

Step 2: Start Your Macramé.

Macramé is very fun but you can also just braid if you want if you braid don't tape middle strand down :)

Take left strand and make a L with it as shown first pic then take right side strand and over lap the L as shown in pic 2. Then bring right strand up under L and under center strand and through the hole of the L as in pic 3. Pull both strands until looks like pic 4 and pull them until the knot goes all the way to the top like in pic 5
Repeat this but starting with right side as in pic 6. After right side go left then right. Should start looking like pic 7.
Do this until you get roughly to the middle of the bracelet or necklace. I am making a bracelet.

*** the gold and maroon with brown stone is this type of bracelet with regular braid and not macrame knot. Need more bout 3 feet for bracelet and 5 feet for necklace if you do a braid :) ***

Step 3: Knotting for the Stone

Take off the tape and knot the strands together as in pic 1.
Take 2 strands right next to each other and knot them together as shown in pic 2.
Do this until all strands are paired as in pic 3.
Continue to do this layer by layer as in pic 4 until your stone fits in the netting as in pic 5 then knot all strands together as in pic 6. Then retape it to your work surface as in pic 7 and resume your macramé :)

Step 4: Finishing Up

When done with second side of macramé like in pic 1 we will now make it adjustable and finished :) cut the excess string off it should look like pic 1.
Take the two strands an overlap them like in pic 2.
The excess long string that was the middle will become out adjustable knot. It can be 2 string or 4. I cut it in half and use 4 strings.
So knot one end of this as in pic 3 and put knitted side on top of two overlapping strands and fold it 3/4 of the way as in pic 4.
Take top part of the string and bring it down making a loop. Loop it 3 times and bring the end up through the loop as in pic 5.
Tighten until its tight enough the bracelet strands won't come through but loose enough that the strands move with out to much difficulty for adjusting as in pic 6.
Then tie off the adjustable knot maybe put a dab of super glue on it to make sure it doesn't come undone then cut off excess string off adjustable knot and you are done :) should look somewhat like final pic.
You can also do this with just braiding instead of macraming.
Warning the fatter the stone or wider the stone more strands you will need for it to fit. I was originally going to use a piece of granite but it was to big for the 8 strand netting. I had to switch to smaller rose quartz piece. When in doubt 12 strands is best :)