Introduction: Made for Each Other Puzzle

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hello all,

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a two lovers puzzle. I named it 'made for each other'. The puzzle is solved by bringing the two balls together. You can find similar products online for $24. So let's see how to make it without spending anything more than $1. 3d printing is optional you can find similar things in your home.


two big beads with holes ( I 3D printed it)

3d printed rectangular piece

smooth rope or string

Step 1: The 3d Printed Cuboid

You can make it with wood or can download the stl file provided here to print it.

Step 2: The Beads

You can take some big beads or download the stl file to 3d print it.

Step 3: How to Tie the String

follow the pictures in the correct order to tie the string in place

Step 4: Pass the String Through the Beads

Step 5: Final Step

Fix the two free ends of the string to the holes provided in the cuboid model. You may apply some glue to fix it tight (optional).

Step 6: This Is How the Finished Puzzle Looks Like

Step 7: This Is How the Solved Puzzle Looks Like

Step 8: Refer to the Video If You Want to See How to Solve It!!!

Try to solve it yourself. You may be able to find much easier ways to solve it.

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