Mag Release for Shadowninja31's MP5k -- the Instructions -- (along With Some Other Mods)




Introduction: Mag Release for Shadowninja31's MP5k -- the Instructions -- (along With Some Other Mods)

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First off I would like to say I DO have permission to post this... 

I built shadowninja31's MP5k and it is quite beastly on its own, but I read one comment complaining about a mag release -- or lack of one --. Simply put, I made one. 

The attachments  are of my design to give the gun a more "Special Ops" feel...

Don't go hatin' the silencer... I am very low on pieces... I literally have NO orange or yellow connectors... if you like the idea of the silencer just make yours a little more "Beefy" 

the laser sighting apparatus is a cool attachment also... once again if you feel its noobish then don't build it...

The dot sight Is of my design and I am extremely proud of it... If you would like instructions, they will be posted in My UKP or on a separate instructable in the near future (but you can probably build it from the picture) to show its versatility I placed it on Mr. Stealths VSS, and my UKP.

Now for the video...
I put together a 17 second insert and removal of the mag with the wrong hand... so it is rather sloppy... also my camera took a 31 MB video... I had to use a software to shrink it... since its got so many licences and policies and rules... I'm gonna try and be as safe as possible with it... First I'm gonna link to the companies website right here:

and then it automatically puts some banner in the middle of your video... 
It is a nice software though and I strongly recommend giving it a try! 

and without further ado! The mods and mag release to shadowninja31's MP5K! (which can be viewed here:

Step 1: Laser Sighting Apparatus

Simple, build from the 3 views

Step 2: Silencer

Don't complain about it being flimsy... just add orange connectors where the spacers are...
Like I said, I am out of pieces...

Step 3: Dot Sight

pretty beastly, full instructions will be posted later

Step 4: The Important Part... THE MAG RELEASE

Follow the images, for they contain the secrets you want. The yellow boxes shall also provide clues as to what image contains, use them as you wish. 

Step 5: Inserting the Mag

Now that you've made your selected mods, its time to see how the mag release works 

Watch the video for further instructions

If your wondering why there is a banner in the middle, then go back to the main page and read the section that talks about why there is a banner in the middle of the video that you probably didn't read... 

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    9 years ago on Step 3

    I love it! You have seriously worked on this mp5k. if it hasnt been broken down already, and i hope that's not the case, how's about a stock??? 5/5!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    You ruined it with all the attachments The mag release is good so 3*


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    You didn't read the intro... and if you did, you didn't pay attention... I have zero (0) orange or yellow connectors left... had I had some the silencer would look beastly, yes I feel the laser sighting system looks pretty bad... the only reason I put it up is if someone wanted to build it... and the dot sight is epic... Even though it has a bad profile view, you don't notice the offset of the sight when looking down it... But thanks for saying the mag release is good!