Introduction: Make Any Arc Reactor Wearable

About: There's no such thing as too much duct tape. EVER.
This instructible will make it able for you to wear any arc reactor you make wearable. It just needs a flat, solid backing.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need duct tape, Velcro( not shown), scissors, a cutting knife, measuring tape, a cutting surface, and, of course, an arc reactor.

Step 2: Build the Rig

First, measure around the middle of your chest all the way around your back. It will probably be impossibly longer than you think, so take that length and divide it by two. Then, cut four pieces of tape that are that long. Take two of them and lay one on top of the other, sticky side touching, and do the same for the other two. Cut four strips of tape that are four inches long. Put one on the end of a strip so that half is hanging off. Attach the end of the other strip edge to edge of the first, and cover the seam with another 4 inch piece. Then tape them together in a loop. Put the loop on your Chest as in the sixth picture. Now to make the shoulder straps. Measure from the bottom of the chest strip in the back over your shoulder to the bottom of the chest strip in the front. Repeat what you did for the construction of the main piece except don't make it into a loop. Instead, lay the first four inch strip on the end of the strip so it looks like a "t" at the end. Attach it to the front of your chest piece so that it looks like the picture. Then, flip the rig around so the attached part is at your back. Repeat the taping process to attach the other end of the strip. Repeat this step so you get a sports bra looking thing.

Step 3: Attach the Arc and Strap

Cut out two sections of Velcro. One should be about an inch long, and the other a Velcro-width's shorter. Take the fuzzy side and attach the longer piece straight up on the back of your arc. Then cut your short piece in half and attach them to the arc as in the picture. Do the same thing with the plastic hook half, but put it on the arc as in the picture, matching the fluffy side. Stamp the arc on the rig and hold it on for 30 seconds. Then pull it off. Have someone help cut up your least-dominant side of the chest strap as in the picture. Add one inch of Velcro on the front end of the strap and attach the other piece hanging halfway off and carefully attach to the back of the cut. Then simply attach a thin strip of tape over the sticky side left on the Velcro.

Step 4: Done

Wear in style and show off your arc reactor with swag. It can also be worn under the shirt.