Introduction: Make Bed / Furniture Raisers for Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)

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How to make Trendy Cool Bed Raisers / Risers for Inclined Bed Therapy, from discarded 2 litre plastic bottles, biscuit tins, McDonald's And KFC Large soft drinks cartons, Bargain Bucket Cartons, Baby Milk Formula Tins, Plant pots etc.
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Inclined bed therapy (IBT) was conceived after a remarkable discovery in how gravity drives our circulation, helps us to stay healthy and why we should avoid sleeping on a flat / horizontal bed. 20 years of research have revealed that simply raising the head end of your bed by 6 inches / 15 cm can reverse medical conditions currently thought to be irreversible. But rather than listen to me talking about the miraculous and phenomenal results from IBT my challenge is simple. Try it yourself and report your results back to us on the comments section below. Hit the like button and share this important message with your family and friends and anyone else that will listen.

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Step 1: Video: How to Make Screw on Bed Risers for Inclined Bed Therapy IBT

Step 2: Choose a Suitable Container to Make Your Customised Inclined Bed Therapy Raisers

Supermarket shelves are lined with many varieties of plastic, metal and compressed paper containers.

Your favourite fast food stores, including McDonald, and KFC are frequently littered with waxed soft drinks cartons that can be converted into trend setting bed / furniture risers.

Note: if you choose a none waxed paper carton like a Bargain Bucket from KFC or a Pringle's Tub, you will need to line it with a plastic bag to make it water proof for this DIY project

Step 3: Measure / Mark Your Desired Height for Your IBT Bed Raisers

Take a felt pen and mark the height you require for raising the head end of your bed. I choose 6 inches or 15cm as this produces an angle of five degrees to the horizontal on a standard U.K. bed. Your bed may be longer and if so consider making your bed raisers a little taller.

Trim off top of plastic bottle with scissors to allow for filling and securing to bed leg.

Step 4: DIY IBT Bed Risers Mixing Cement and Sand

Measure out quantity of sand and cement to 3 sand and one cement mix, add little water and in a builders bucket and mix thoroughly to a stiff consistency. This will be used to full the containers to make a solid Bed Raiser

Step 5: DIY Bed Raisers Filling Containers With Sand and Cement or Sawdust and Wood Glue Mix

Fill containers with sand and cement mix and allow to set for a few hours or over night in a damp climate.

This stage is to allow us to introduce a wood threaded bolt for securing to bed frame

Step 6: DIY IBT Bed Raisers Screw Affixing Into Cement

Once sufficiently set to allow inserting of large wood threaded bolt into soft but firm cement mix, push cement firmly around inserted bolt and eye it up so that it stands vertical and allow to set for around a week until very solid.

Preferred container is a plastic 2 litre bottle as shown but you can use whatever container suits you best, such as a soft drinks container from a fast food chain or a Bargain Bucket container from KFC, or a plant pot perhaps to accommodate a larger framed wooden bed. Some of the larger containers will probably provide stability without having a threaded bolt inserted.

You can also remove the threaded bolt from a bed leg and insert this into the cement mix so that the new extended leg screws into the existing threaded holes of your bed frame.

Also you can fill the containers with a saw dust and wood glue mix to make a strong light weight bed riser.

Another possibility is to make an indent into the setting cement mix with your bed leg. This method can be used for metal framed beds, but first wrap a plastic bag around your bed leg so as not to scratch it or make a mess with the cement.

You can also wrap a bed caster in polythene and push into the cement and remove to leave an indent to take your bed casters

For this bed raisers shown, You will need to drill the bottom of the legs with the right size drill for the threaded bolt that you used. Once set after a week, these legs can be screwed into the holes to make strong plastic coated bed raisers and with a little imagination you could paint the inside of a Coke a cola bottle black before filling it to make it look authentic. I like the idea of Coke Bottle Bed Raisers :) These could be especially nice in a students flat to create extra room underneath for storage. But don't underestimate Inclined Bed Therapy, it can greatly improve your health, concentration at school and of course will improve your energy levels.

End Note, do a test drill in a scrap piece of wood to test it is correct size for the threaded bolt. It should be quite tight when screwed in.

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