Introduction: Make DIY Beautiful Storage Idea From Cardboard?

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Is your table on a mess? Yes, no matter whether your furniture comes with a drawer to store things or not, there are some particular belongings that are always found here and there on the table. This adds to the chances of misplacement of important things. Have you ever thought of making something that would keep all such things in one place?

Yes, today, we are going to make a beautiful storage idea that would help you in storing everything at the right place. Here is how you can make this beautiful storage idea.

Step 1: ​Things You Need

  • Cardboard
  • Glitter sheet
  • Color Spray
  • Bead lace
  • Cutter, pencil,and glue

Step 2: Let's Make Mango Shape Design!

  • Take cardboard. With a pencil, draw the shape of mango on it for making the organizer. Using a cutter cut the organizer properly.

Step 3: Let's Make Inner Design!

  • Now using a pencil, draw an inner border of the mango around half an inch inside the organizer. Again, cut the shape using a cutter.

Step 4: Let's Make Such More Designs!

  • Take the inner piece of mango, place it on a cardboard and draw it. Again, when the mango is ready, give it an outer border. Again, cut the mango using a cutter. This gives you two mango cardboards and two mango frames.
  • In this way, using the inner mango cardboard, draw and cut out a small frame of mango cardboard until you reach the smallest inner mango.

Step 5: Stick Mango Frames!

  • Using some glue, stick all the mango cardboard frames on the smallest cardboard mango on the backside. Start from the smallest frame to the biggest one. The organizer would give you a step like look from inside as you stick the frames.

Step 6: Let's Paint the Design!

  • Now, take some spray paint. Spray the inner side of the organizer using the spray in golden brown color. Keep it aside to dry.

Step 7: Let's Paste Glitter Shape!

  • Let’s take some glitter sheets now. Cut out strips of the glitter sheet and stick them in the inner borders of the organizer using some glue. Using different colors, stick glitter sheet strips on each border. Lastly, stick a small mango shape glitter sheet and stick it on the base of the organizer.

Step 8: Let's Paste Beaded Lace!

  • Lastly, take some beaded lace. And stick it on the upper border of the organizer.

Step 9: Conclusion

Your adorable storage idea is ready to use. You can use this organizer made from cardboard for storing various things lying on the table like keys, jewelry, and much more that keeps lying here and there everytime. You can also give the outer side of the organizer some beautiful color and decorate it too for giving it a different look.

So, how are you making your organizer from cardboard? Let us know your ideas.