Introduction: Make DIY Decorative Display Art Using Bournvita Container?

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What number of Bournvita containers do you throw every month? 1 or 2? But did you know, you can use the containers to make something that can be used in the form of decorative display art for your showcases, window sides or even tables? Yes, there are many who also use such art pieces to decorate their window or balcony gardens by hanging them.

Want to make one such display art for yourself? Here is the entire process of making a beautiful decorative piece.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • 1 Bournvita jar
  • Cardboard
  • Metal wires
  • Foil papers
  • Ceramic powder
  • Acrylic colors (brown and yellow)
  • Coconut Husk
  • Artificial plants and birds
  • Glue, marker,and cutter

Step 2: Let’s Take a Jar!

For making this lovely display art, carry out the following steps one by one.

  • Take a plastic Bournvita jar. Take a marker and make a semi-circular or ovular mark on the center of the jar. Using a cutter, cut out the marked portion.

Step 3: Let’s Take a Cardboard!

  • Now take cardboard and place the jar upside down on it to make a circle of its size on the cardboard. Cut it with a cutter.
  • Apply some glue on the sides of the cardboard and fix it well in the inner side of the jar.

Step 4: Let’s Take a Metal Wire!

  • Now take a metal wire and fold it into half. Give the ends of the wire a slant fold also. Apply glue on the wire and stick it on the jar’s side.

Step 5: Let’s Wrap the Metal Wire With Foil Paper!

  • Bring one foil paper and wrap the metal wire with it to give it a realistic look of some wooden twig. Give it an uneven creasy look.
  • Similarly, take another wire and fold it in the same way. Stick it on the lower side of the jar. Wrap some foil paper on it too.

Step 6: Let’s Take Ceramic Powder & Apply Mixture on Jar!

  • Now take a bowl and add some ceramic powder in it. Mix the powder with some glue and water. Remove the sticker from the jar. Apply the mixture evenly on the jar and the side foil papers. Cover the top side of the jar too.

Step 7: Let’s Make Marking on Jar Using Fork!

  • Take a fork and make markings on the jar by sliding the fork downwards on the mixture to give the jar a tree trunk like look. Allow it to dry.

Step 8: Let’s Color the Jar!

  • Time to color the jar! Take the brown acrylic color and a paintbrush. Color the entire jar with the foil paper using the same color.
  • Color the top of the piece using yellow color. For giving it a trunk like a look, apply some brown color in the form of some lines on the yellow color. Let it dry completely.

Step 9: Let’s Take Coconut Husk & Artificial Plants!

  • Take some coconut husk. Apply glue on the husk and stick it inside the jar. Give the inside portion of the jar a nest like a look.
  • Now take some artificial plants for decoration purpose. Decorate the side twigs or branches using the artificial plants using some glue.
  • Lastly, take some artificial birds and stick one on the branches, one inside the nest, one on the opening of the nest.

Step 10: Conclusion

Doesn’t it look adorable! Such decorative pieces are quite popular for increasing the décor of the gardens. So, how does your nest look like?