Introduction: Make DIY Multipurpose Triangular Shaped Organizer?

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Love making lovely organizers to store your belongings? Here is a unique design that is quite trendy these days. Popular for the different shape it comes with, this box has proved to be helpful for storing various objects.

Are you also eager to decorate your room with this DIY Multipurpose Triangular Shape Organizer? Here you go.

Step 1: Things You Need to Make Organizer

  • Cardboards
  • 3 Cardboard tape rolls
  • Jute material
  • Decorative lace
  • Stone and bead lace
  • Pencil, scale and glue
  • Cutter and glue
  • Velcro

Step 2: Let's Take Tape Rolls!

Here are the steps to make this decorative multipurpose organizer.

  • Firstly take 3 tape rolls made of cardboard. Now take another cardboard piece and place all the three tape rolls on the cardboard forming a triangular shape. Using a scale and pencil, make straight lines forming a triangle on the cardboard that can include all three rolls. Cut out two triangles of similar size using the cutter.
  • Now take 3 cardboard strips measuring 3x9 inches. Using glue, stick them on the sides of one of th triangular cardboards making a box. For proper fixing, cut the sides of the strips slant to give a perfect box-like look.

Step 3: Let's Cut Cardboard Strips!

  • Take another cardboard and mark 3 strips measuring 1.2 inches. Cut them using a cutter. Take the remaining triangular cardboard and stick the strips on the sides of the cardboard using some strong glue. Similar to the top box, cut the sides slant of the strips for perfect fixing.

Step 4: Let's Cover the Cardboard Boxes!

  • Time to cover the cardboard boxes. Take jute clothes in two different colors. Taking the measurement of the cardboard on the jute clothes, cut out the jute cloth using scissors. Keep aside.
  • Cut a thick strip of the jute cloth. Apply some glue on the sides of the triangular box and stick the jute cloth on it. Stick the remaining part of the jute cloth on the outer side of the triangular box. Cover all the three sides in a similar way. Bind the remaining material below the box for proper finishing.
  • Now take the cutout triangular jute cloth kept aside and stick it properly inside the triangular box.
  • Take another triangular box and jute cloth. Cut out a rectangular shape jute cloth from it. Stick the jute material on the top side of the box. Bind the ends of the jute cloth in the inner side of the box.
  • Again, cut out another rectangular shape jute cloth and stick it on the other side of the triangular box. Bind the ends of the jute cloth inside too. This would cover the triangular box from outside and inside as well.

Step 5: Let's Combine the Boxes!

  • Boxes are ready! Now let’s combine them forming a proper box.
  • Take a jute strip and stick one end of the strip inside the upper triangular box in the inner side.
  • Using glue, stick the other end of the jute strip on the other triangular box in the inner side. A proper organizer is ready!

Step 6: Let's Decorate the Tape Rolls!

  • Take a color sheet and the three tape rolls too. Using some glue, stick the color sheet in the inner side of the tape roll. Also, cover the outer side of the tape roll too.
  • For decorating the tape rolls, take a decorative thin lace and stick it on the upper side of the tape roll.
  • Now take the decorated tape rolls and the triangular organizer. Place some glue on the sides of the tape roll and place the rolls inside the box fixing them properly inside.

Step 7: Let's Decorate the Box!

  • For decorating the box, take a decorative lace and stick it on the lower box sides properly.
  • Take another lace and stick it on the corner of the top box using glue.
  • Take a big stone and place it in the center of the box top.
  • Take a beaded lace and stick it on the surrounding of the big stone.
  • Finally, take a Velcro piece and cut out a small triangle and stick it on the opening of the box. Also, cut two small strips of Velcro to stick on the sides of the triangular box too.

Step 8: Conclusion

Your lovely designer DIY Multipurpose Triangular Shape Organizer is all set to use. So, what are you thinking to store in it?