Introduction: Make DIY Wishing Well Home Decoration Craft From Cardboard!

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What do you do with the tissue paper rolls when finish? Throw them out? What if I tell you that you can make a beautiful home decoration craft out of it?

Yes, rather than using money in the costly showpieces, here is the best way to design your own craft piece using cardboard and other waste items. So, here is how you can make a well home decoration craft for decorating your showcases or window slabs.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Cylindrical cardboard
  • Cardboard
  • Sand
  • Acrylic colors and paint brush
  • Dry wooden sticks
  • Artificial plants and thermocol balls
  • Glue and white cello tape
  • Divider, pencil, scissors, scale,and cutter

So, let's begin the procedure of making this stunning DIY Well making craft.

Step 2: Let's Cut the Cardboard!

  • Take one cylindrical cardboard and flat cardboard. Take a radius and cut out circular cardboard from it bigger than the cylindrical cardboard. Similarly, cut 2 more circles of the same size.

Step 3: Let's Cut Circular Cardboards!

  • Now take one of the circular cardboards and place the cylindrical cardboard on it.
  • Draw a circle using the inner edges of the cylindrical cardboard. Also, make a circle using a radius on the other circular cardboard as well. Using a cutter, cut out the drawn circles from both the cardboard.
  • Make sure the cylindrical cardboard is able to get into the cut-out circles.

Step 4: Let's Give a Brick Like Look to Cardboard!

  • Now take a long strip of the white thick cello tape. Cut out small stripsfrom the cello tape and stick it on the cylindrical cardboard to give it a brick like a look.

Step 5: Let's Stick the Sand on Cardboard!

  • Now take some sand and glue. Apply glue on the cylindrical cardboard and stick the sand on it. Press the sand on the cardboard properly using your hands. Cover the entire cardboard well properly.

Step 6: Let's Stick the Well on the Base!

  • Take the circular cardboard without a hole and apply some glue on it. Stick the well on the cardboard properly. Now apply some glue on the upper layer of the cylindrical cardboard without sand and stick the circular cardboard on it properly.
  • On the base cardboard, surrounding the well, place some glue using a paint brush. Again, stick some sand on it and also press it properly.

Step 7: Let's Apply Glue & Stick the Sand !

  • Now take the white cello tape and make thin strips out it. Stick the cello tape strips on the top edge of the well a particular distance.
  • Again, apply some glue on the entire edge. Make sure you cover the sides as well.Place some sand on the ground and roll the well on it to stick the sand on the edges. Also, stick the sand on the top edge of the well.
  • When the entire sand is stuck properly, remove the strips of cello tape from the well carefully.

Step 8: Let's Color the Well!

  • Time to use some colors! Take some acrylic colors and a paint brush. Mix yellow color with brown to give the well a perfect texture.
  • Color the sand portions bricks with the mixed color on alternate bricks. Color the remaining brick like sand portion in grey. Also, color the sand portions on the top edge similarly.
  • Color the base surrounding the well in brown color. Give the cello tape strips in the whitelining. Your well is completely ready.

Step 9: Let's Form a Stair Like Look!

  • Take a cardboard and cut out 6 pieces in measurements 2 x 5.5 inches from it. Also, remove the outer layer from the cardboard strips.
  • Apply glue on one of the cardboard strip sand stick the other strip on the glue forming stair like the look. Use three cardboard strips to make one such pair. Now apply glue on the edges of the cardboard and join both the pair to make one shelf.

Step 10: Let's Stick Dry Sticks, Flowers & Thermocol Balls!

  • Now take some dry sticks. Stick two horizontally and two vertically in the inner side center of the shelf. Again, apply glue on the vertical sticks and stick them on the edge of the well.
  • Now take some artificial flowers and plants and stick them surrounding the well. Also, stick some artificial plants on the horizontal dry sticks to decorate them.
  • Finally, take some thermocol balls in different colors. Stick them in between the plants and on the horizontal sticks giving it a grape bunch like the look.

Step 11: Conclusion

Isn’t it a lovely craft! So, how have you designed yourcardboard well craft? Let us know in the comments.