Introduction: Make Honeycomb Shaped Beautiful Organizer From Waste Cardboard!

About: I am a passionate crafter from India. Making unique DIY crafts using recycled materials is my hobby and I love to share my knowledge with the world.

Making something useful from waste items is said to be the best way to recycle the products. The unwanted cardboards can also be recycled and used for making different things that can be used for storing various small and big things like jewelry, stationery products, keys, and much that would help you keep the things at one particular place. And today we shall learn how to make one such organizer only.

Here is how you can make this easy and beautiful cardboard organizer.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Cardboard
  • Color sheets
  • Printed sheets
  • Marker, pencil,and pointer
  • Scale, cutter,andscissors
  • Glue
  • 2 bottle caps

So, ready with all the required things with you? Let’s begin the making process now.

Step 2: Let's Cut the Hexagonal Pieces of Cardboard!

  • Take cardboard, pointer,and pencil. Using a measurement of 6cm, make a circle on the cardboard. With the same measurement, make arcs on the circle. Using a pencil and scale, join all the arcs forming a hexagonal shape. Using a cutter, cut the hexagonal piece of cardboard. Cut 2 more similar cardboard pieces.

Step 3:

  • Take another cardboard and mark 6 x 8 cm measurement on it. Cut the piece using a cutter. Similarly cut more such pieces with the same measurement.

Step 4: Let's Paste Color Sheets!

  • Now take some color sheets. Cover the hexagonal cardboards using the color sheets. You can use three different colors for three hexagonal cardboards.

Step 5: Let's Paste Sides of Boxes!

  • Take the 6 x 8 cm cardboard pieces and cut or slide down the edges of the cardboard using the cutter such they get a slant look. Take one of the hexagonal cardboards and apply glue on its edges. Stick the cardboard pieces on all the edges to make an organizer. While sticking the edges, make sure you fix the slant edges of the cardboards properly.
  • Similarly, fix other cardboard pieces on the remaining two hexagonal cardboards. This gives you 3 organizers.

Step 6: Let's Paste Color Sheets Insed the Box!

  • Take color sheets. Cut it into 6 x 8 cm strips. Apply some glue on it and stick it inside the organizers properly. Cut the corners of the color sheet out and fold them on the organizer edges for proper coverage. Cover the remaining two organizers similarly.

Step 7: Let's Paste Printed Sheet!

  • Now take a printed sheet. Wrap the organizers using the printed sheet. Cut the corners of the remaining sheet and fold it on the base of the organizer to give it a finishing touch. Take the remaining two organizers and wrap them too. Also, cover the bottom of the organizer with a printed sheet. Cut out the remaining printed sheet using scissors.

Step 8: Let's Stick the Plastic Bottle Caps.

  • Take two plastic bottle caps. Wrap the sides of the cap using a color sheet.

Step 9: Let's Arrange & Paste Organiser!

  • Take two organizers and apply glue to the edges for sticking the organizers. Take the third organizer and stick it too through the edges. Take the two caps and stick them on two organizer sides for making the legs of the organizer.

Step 10: Conclusion

There you go! Your beautiful organizer is all set to use. Store your nail paints and other cosmetic products in it. The organizer can also be used for storing various jewelry items. You can use this organizer in two ways. Either keep it in standing position or with base downwards if looking for storing some stationery. So, are you ready with your own cardboard organizer? Write to us with your suggestions.