Introduction: Make MAGIC SUPERMAN Balance From Cardboard

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Hello! This is superman balance magician

An interesting science project

This project makes viewers feel excited and surprised

Let's do it to show off to your friends

Do you know how it works?


I guess not. So let's see how to do it

Let's make it

⚡ Sorry everyone, but this tutorial may not be detailed. You can see the specific instructions by the video I posted above

Step 1: Prepare and Draw

Prepare a cardboard sheet

Draw any shape you like

Here I will draw the superman

Because superman is very good at flying :)))))))

Note: Draw the arm very long

Step 2: Cut

After you're done drawing, cut it out

Cut off the excess (Photo fourth and fifth)

Step 3: Use an Ice Cream Stick

Use an ice cream stick to attach tightly to the character's head

Step 4: Use Two Coins

Use two coins on both sides and fasten with glue gun

Step 5: Decorate

Use Color markers to decorate

Step 6: Balance Test

Hmmm... It seems a little heavy on the right

Please add a smaller coin to the left

Balance test. If you draw the hand, the legs and the body of the character equally, it will balance. here I am unbalanced (on the right) due to the cape on the back

Step 7: Finished Product. Let's See the Finished Product

Make a few more characters to decorate your family

Thank you for watching.
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