Introduction: Make a DIY Plastic Organizer From a Plastic Sauce Bottle

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Is your desk all in a mess? Looking for a proper organizer for keeping your belongings at the right and one place? Did you know, you can make out the best organizer on your own using a plastic sauce bottle?

Surprised! Let’s learn how to make this plastic organizer.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • 1 plastic sauce bottle
  • 2 different color ropes
  • Rubber band, metal wire,and bead
  • Marker and cutter
  • Glue

Step 2: Let's Take Plastic Sauce Bottle & Cut It!

For making this adorable DIY organizer, follow the steps below.

  • Take a plastic sauce bottle. Mark a straight line on the front side of the bottle and a slant line upwards on the sides to make an opening of the organizer. Cut off the marked portion using a cutter.
  • Remove the outer stickers from the bottle completely. Open the organizer and press the joint portion of the bottle properly to give a firm opening.

Step 3: Let's Cover the Bottle Using Rope!

  • Now take some decorative ropes of two different colors.
  • Stick some glue on the base of the bottle and start wrapping it with one of the ropes.
  • Keep applying glue on a small portion and stick the rope to cover the bottle.
  • Again, apply some glue on the bottle and stick the other color rope on it.
  • In this way, cover the bottle forming layers of both the color ropes giving the bottle a strip-likea look.
  • While covering the entire bottle, make sure you can open the organizer smoothly. Also, cover the top of the bottle using the rope properly.

Step 4: Let's Fix the Metal Wire!

  • Now take a metal wire, bead,and a rubber band. Using scissors, make a hole on the top side of the opening.
  • Using a pointer, insert the rubber inside the whole keeping the bead in the inner side for making an opening button out of it.
  • Again, make another hole on the lower side of the organizer.
  • Take the metal wire and insert the bead in it. Now insert the wire inside the hole and fix the two ends inside making a knot to firm the bead on it.
  • Check if the rubber and bead can be used as a button to open the organizer.

Step 5: Conclusion

Your DIY organizer is ready to use. You can add extra decoration to the organizer according to your choice with some beads, mirrors, etc. to give it a designer look. You can store pens, pencils, and other stationery items, or any other table accessories inside the plastic organizer to give your table a clean appearance.