Introduction: Make a Key More Better and Stuff

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I don't know normal Keys are
borning... I think its cooler now

Step 1: Thinking

What do you want your Key to
look like? A octupus that holds on to the fuctional part (the teeth), a geometric pattern, a naked person or a penis? I wanted a Hand where two fingers are the teeth of the Key.

Step 2: Sketching

Sketch your Idea and then
draw it on the Key when you sketched your Idea and are fine with it. Be carefull that there is still something there

Step 3: Saw Cut the Outlines

protect the Teeth with some
Tape and never take it off ;), or something Well... just cut them out... I used a Hacksaw... buuut...then I finished it up and made it more exact with a file.

Step 4: Forming

for the rough form use a file
I dont have a dremel tool so I used a engrever and a file For holding it, I clamped it to a piece of wood with a piec of rubber between the clamp and the key.

Step 5: Sanding................

well Sand that thing and be
finished! Thats a quicky

Step 6: The End

If someone accually
does that or is inspierd by that, let me know I reallly want to see If you use Instagramm tag me @astjaeger otherwise send me a message here or a commet, whatever... Email me if you want

and tell me about my nigarian unkle that died...