Introduction: Make a Paper Diorama

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This instructable will show you how to create a gorgeous little Diorama scene; perfect to make with your kids, or  just something fun to do yourself.

This simple diorama takes well under an hour and, if you already have the resources, costs nothing.

Step 1: Resources

This Diorama needs just 4 things

*kids book to cut up (the larger the book the larger the box for the diorama, the smaller the book the smaller the box for the diorama).  I used a book that had pages that were fairly sturdy so they would stand up.  Most books are sturdy enough but avoid flimsy books.
*glue stick
*strong clear glue (I use Helmar 450, this glue is a multipurpose clear glue that is 55% acetone, it is similar to Fabric Glue and Fabric Glue will probably work just as well).

I chose a Richard Scarry book that I have 3 copies of.

Step 2: Choose a Page

Pick out a page from your book.

I chose a theme that was common throughout this book; vehicles. 

You need to make the page you will use for your box into a square so you can make the origami box. 

Then cut out your pieces for the decorations.  Cut them out carefully around the lines for the best result.

Step 3: Fold Your Box

Now to make the origami box with the square page you cut out.

I'm not even going to confuse you with my instructions for doing this. Check out these instructables, and   And, this site has some pretty good instructions

I then glue the 4 corners down (which are now right in the middle) to make the box sturdy and neat.  I just lift up the 4 pieces and smear on the glue stick., then stick down.

Step 4: Add Your Pieces

Using your strong, clear glue, glue in your pieces standing up.

Don't glue them to the back wall, stagger them within the scene, making it 3d.  This book was quite a heavy paper that happily stood up with the helmar glue just on the bottoms (the wheels).   This is also why a good clear glue is needed, so your characters and scenery stand up without you having to go to extra affort with little stands or card behind your paper pieces.

The sun and plane at the top are glued to the edges of the box.

Step 5: DONE!

All done!

You can also draw your own parts for this diorama and turn it into a unique piece of artwork.  These boxes are great as little decorations for your desk :)

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