Introduction: Make a Super Easy Necklace Holder With Bonus Charm Holders

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I have been keeping my necklaces on a few rocks and a lamp. This may look okay, but it is so hard to get them off. When I am trying for a buried necklace I need to remove many to get to the one.

Supplies needed

Any small scrap of would probably work but I used 4 wooden shims.

wood glue if using shims

Command 3M brand damage free hanging strips

120 grit sand paper

some kind of clamp(s) to hold the wood together as the glue dries even rubber bands should work

very small hooks (I used 19 of them, but as many or as little as you want depending on what size wood you use and how far apart you want your necklaces)

Optional supplies-

a drill with a tiny drill bit in it

pliers to help screw in the hooks

Step 1:

Glue all shims together. I used a the shim I was gluing on top to help even out the glue below before placing them together for each layer.

Clamp them all together somehow. I used a vise clamp but anything that holds it together until they are dry will work. Even maybe a stack of books. Make sure to protect whatever you are using as a clamp as well as the shims when doing so.

I used a few paint stir sticks to protect the shims from getting marred in the vice. Once clamped, be sure to wipe any excess glue that beads out the seams. Dry according to glue instructions.

Step 2:

Once the glue is dry, sand all the edges with sand paper.

Measure out and mark the spots for the hooks to go into.

Step 3:

If wanted, you can pre-drill the holes before screwing them in. I think it makes it easier, but as long as the wood does not split it is personal preference.

If drilling, first make sure the bit is not too big or too small for the screws.

Also make sure the bit will not go in the wood too deep. Sometimes I wrap tape around the bit to stop me at the right point rather than trying to eyeball it every time. The bit I used sank into the drill just enough that I did not need to. However this created a few circles from the drill on the wood. Not big deal on this project as the hooks kind of hide them... kind of.

Do not forget to drill a few holes in the ends for the charm holders.

I then used the pliers to help twist the hooks in.

Step 4:

Then the 3M strips where used according to the instructions, except I cut them in half because they were rated at 4 pounds each. I thought it may be overkill.

These were placed on the back of the holder, and pressed into place as per package instructions.

Step 5:

Then all the necklaces were hung. I have more charms than chains so it is nice to have a place to put them that is easy to see.

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