Introduction: Make a Choker From Used Guitar Strings.

My friends and I save everything! When one friend suggested I could "do something" with her husbands used guitar strings, I took the challenge.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

Guitar string: Acoustic strings tend to be more flexible, but thinner electric also works.
20 and 26 gauge wire: I use regular hardware store 20 gauge for bundling the strings at first, then I use a colored copper wire for the finished product.
Various ribbons and a large needle: I used a satin 3/8"  ribbon for the choker, and satin1/8" to sew the guitar braid to the 3/8" ribbon.
You will also need a small amount of strong glue, like E-6000.

Step 2: Tools Needed:

Wire cutters: I use heavy duty ones for the guitar string and jewelry ones for the wires.
A clamp to secure your braid bundle to a table or chair so you can braid easily.
A small hammer and something to pound on, I use a small anvil.

Step 3: Make Braid:

Wrap three guitar strings with the 20 gauge wire. Crimp or hammer to secure.

Clamp the string bundle to a table or chair, or another steady surface, and braid.

Secure the end of your braid like above. Trim ends

Step 4: Add Sides to Your Braid.

Place your braid between two guitar string and wire them together using the 26 gauge wire. I wired every third braid loop on each side.

Trim and tuck all your loose wires.

Step 5: Start Choker.

Decide on your length of braid, I like the braid to go a little less than halfway around my neck. With your good 20 gauge wire, wrap where you want the ends of your braid to be. Hammer or crimp to secure the ends and trim.
At this point, you can lightly hammer your braid. This flattens the high points of the braid giving it more texture.
Next, measure your neck with the 3/8 inch ribbon and add ten inches on each side (for tieing).

Step 6: Make Choker.

Using the 1/8" ribbon, sew the braid to the center of your 3/8" ribbon.

Add a dab of E-6000 to the inside ends of the braid and adhere to the ribbon, let cure overnight.

Step 7: All Done!

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