Introduction: Make a "vibrant" Light Shadow Potted Plant

About: Electronics DIY Club in wuxi China.

Have you ever studied the effects of light and shadow? Will it be fun if there is a potted plant, you can change the "plants" inside? Recently, out of these ideas, I made a light shadow potted plant that can replace plants as a night light. Let’s see how to do it!

Step 1: Appearance Designing

The principle of light shadow potted plants is that the light passes through holes in the card and shines on the wall to form a pattern of designed light and shadow. Light shadow potted plants use a flowerpot-like shape, can better integrate into the home environment. I just keep a half of the flowerpot and let the flowerpot can be placed against the wall for the best projection.

The back of the light shadow potted plant is designed with magnets that can be easily sucked on walls or other metal surfaces that are attached to the magnets. The magnets on the wall use unmarked double-sided glue, so there's no need to worry about damaging the wall.

The projection card features an easy-to-disassemble design that makes it easy to change patterns.

Step 2: Hardware Designing

The hardware of the light shadow potted plants include the main circuit board, USB socket, photosensitive resistors, capacitive touch copper foil, and batteries.

Main circuit board is for driving LED luminescence, detection of touch and ambient brightness, etc.

USB socket is for charging the batteries.

Photosensitive resistors are for detecting ambient brightness, allowing LED lights to glow only at night, extending the duration of the battery life.

Capacitive touch copper foil is for manual switching LED lights.

Lithium battery, rated capacity of 1200mAh, provides 16-36 hours of battery life depending on the brightness of led lights.

Step 3: Structure and Assembly

The housing of the light shadow potted plants are completely 3D printed with PLA and secured internally with screws. Firstly, I installed the main circuit board in the hole position to the upper, fixed it with M2.5 screws.

Then installed USB sockets, photosensitive resistors and capacitors to touch copper foil at the bottom of the housing.

And next, the line was connected and the assembly of the hardware was complete.

Covered the back of the shell, screwed the screws, light shadow potted plant assembly is complete.

Finally, let’s have a look at the actual effect display!

Step 4: Effect Display

Light shadow potted plant is suitable for home use, especially suitable for a young person living in the city, this night lights emit warm yellow lights that can better help sleep, get up at night also no longer need to touch the black. Of course, the battery life is also no need to worry, when the room light is bright, LED lights will automatically turn off, with 16-36 hours of battery life, enough to provide 2-4 nights of lighting time!