Introduction: My First Try at Jewellery

About: I love working with wood. I make bandsaw boxes and just lately ive got a lathe and now enjoy woodturning.

In this Instructable i will show you how i made wood and resin Jewellery. I have for a long while enjoyed wearing and looking at wood jewellery and for a long while i have wondered if i would be able to make some. I have made wood and resin pens for a while and now its time to see if i can make wood and resin jewellery.

Hope you enjoy.....

Step 1: Make a Ring and Pendant

You will need a few things to be able to make this.

Items Needed

1 Amazing casting resin and fast cure white casting resin.

2 Scrap wood or wood burrs

3 Corrugated plastic board to make moulds or any mould the size you need plastic food containers work well.

4 mould release spray

5 Small plastic cups to mix resin

6 Stir sticks

7 Resin pigments to colour resin

8 bandsaw /scroll saw

9 Piller drill or hand drill

10 forstner bit to drill out ring size

11 sand paper

12 micro mesh sanding pads and small tub tap water

13 kitchen roll

14 plastic polish or Yorkshire grit and wax

15 Stanley knife

16 glue gun

17 water colours / paint

18 clamp

19 gloves

20 drill to make hole for pendant chain

Step 2:

Collect the wood, burrs, resin, pigment colour, mixing cup, mould and stir stick.

1 Using a clamp snap the wood so it splinters.

2 Cut burrs to the size you want your jewellery to be.

Step 3:

I want to make the splinters look like trees, so i had some green water colour paint which i will use to paint splinters.

1 paint splintered wood ends leave to dry.

2 Put cellotape around top of splintered wood to hold resin that will be poured in top.

3 ( WEAR GLOVES) I used a fast set white resin for this first part and drip a small amount over splintered / painted wood so when it cures white it will look like snow. ( the video explains this better)

4 leave this to set.

Step 4:

1 Remove cellotape

2 Cut rings down to to manageable size

3 Prepair moulds for all the wood using corrugated plastic

4 spray mould release into moulds place wood in and hold in place with hot glue

5 Mix resin following instruction on pack add colour pigment

6 pour into mould

7 leave to cure overnight.

Step 5:

1 remove from mould and sand the edges to remove excess resin.

2 Use a forstner bit to cut hole for ring i used my own ring to measure for size.

3 Mark wood and resin to shape and cut ring holes and cut shape for pendants.

4 I used piller drill to make holes for rings.

5 Sand all pieces to shape (i used a drum sander and bench sander but can be done by hand).

Step 6:

1 Drill hole for chain in pendants.

2 i used turners mesh for first stage of sanding 180,240,320,400,600 grit

3 wet sand with micromesh sanding pad making sure you sand in cross directions to remove all sanding scratches. (video explains this better)

4 I then used yorkshire grit to help rid of fine scratches rubbing it till smooth and then wax 22.

Step 7: Thats You All Done.

Thank you for checking this instructables out i hope you enjoyed.

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