Introduction: Making Safe and Smart Lock 2 Levels

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Hi. This is our smart lock box

An extremely strong safety lock box

It helps you to store your personal property

Do you know how it works?

Check out my guide below

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Note : You can watch the video to understand the steps to do!

Step 1: YOU NEED

👉 You need:

- Cardboard

- Ice-cream stick

- BBQ bamboo stick

👉 Cardboard Measurement:

(cm = centimeter) 22cm x 17cm = 2 Pieces

7,2cm x 4cm = 1 Pieces

8cm x 4cm= 1 Pieces

17cm x 4cm = 1 Pieces

21,5cm x 4cm = 1 Pieces

12cm x 1cm = 4 Pieces

8cm x 3cm = 2 Pieces

5,5cm x 3cm = 2 Pieces

27cm x 25cm = 2 Pieces

27cm x 29,5cm = 2 Pieces

29,5cm x 26,7 cm = 2 Pieces

Step 2: Prepare

Prepare 3 sheets of a4 paper

Colors you have custom tags

Step 3: Roll

Roll the first A4 paper (pink paper)

After the roll is finished, place it on the second A4 paper and curl up (Blue paper) Do the same with the other paper(white paper) Cut 2 short sections of the last A4 paper roll (white paper) ( fifth photo)

Step 4: Draw Circle

Draw and cut three circles with a radius of 3.5 cm.

later. Create a small hole in the circle to create a rotating mechanism Do so with the remaining 2 circles

Step 5: Circle

Prepare 4 hardcover 2cm x 1cm in size

Note: there are three circles the first circle and the third circle paste it with a small cardboard

The second circle in the middle, paste the small cardboard on both the front and back Look at the illustration for easy visualization (first image).

Step 6: Mechanism of Action 1

Place the white paper we cut earlier into the first and third circles

After that, put them on the blue paper roll

The remaining circle is placed on a pink scroll

then put them together and test it

Step 7: Prepare

Prepare a rigid sheet with the pattern as shown

Cut off the highlighted part in red

Step 8: Cardboard

Cut 4 sheets of 12cm x 1cm cardboard

Next take 2 cardboards and paste them These cardboards are for pasting around the box. Please paste it with hot glue

Step 9: Paste

Put the spindle part in

and cut off the excess(fourth photo)

Step 10: Lock Up

Draw and cut 3 circles.

The first circle has a radius of 3.5 cm The other two circles have a radius of 2.5

Step 11: Circle Length

Here, I will show you how to calculate the length of a circle.

It is calculated using the formula: C = 2πR

Please save this calculation.

not just today.

Is not just part of the steps to make this box.

It can calculate every circle length of every object

Step 12: Hand Lock

Take the outer thin cardboard and stick it on the circle we just cut

Create a small hole in the circle Finally, paste it all in the box

Step 13: Mechanism of Action

Watch the video below for a better understanding. This is the time for you to consider the password

Step 14: Lock Box

Make the front of the box with a cardboard box measuring 22cm x 17cm.

Stick two small cardboard sheets and place it in the box of the box

After you finish this section, you have finished half the work

Step 15: Hold Mechanism

Prepare 2 18cm x 4cm cardboard sheets and glue them together (1st photo)

The handle for the box( fourth photo)

Step 16: Second Lock

Second lock

Prepare a rigid sheet with the pattern as shown and some small cardboard needed
Let's stick them together. Then put it on the box

Watch the video below to understand

Step 17: The Font of the Box

Make a cardboard box big enough and have holes. Put the lock in and make it open

Step 18: Final

Final. Make a storage box. and put the lock box in

Step 19: Password

Set a password for the box. You can customize the password of the box to your liking

Step 20: Finished Product. Let's See the Finished Product

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