Introduction: Making a Leather Steampunk Mask


Hi guys! I made a leather mask this time. I hope you enjoy leather steampunk mask!


  • Recommended leather : Buttero 4oz
  • Leather pricking iron : 2 teeth 4mm gap
  • Hole punch : 2mm / 3mm diameter
  • Oval punch
  • Glue : Intercom ecostic 1816b
  • Button stud (4mm in diameter) X4
  • Sandpaper 400 grit
  • Edge beveler
  • Thread : Vinymo MBT #5
  • Needle : John james needle #4
  • Awl
  • Flat sided awl
  • Wing divider
  • Edge beveler
  • Wood slicker

Step 1: Prepare the Pattern

Please download and print out the pattern that I uploaded here.

(The PDF included a A4 and US letter size)

IMPORTANT : Please set your printer 100% actual size option.

Then, cut out the pattern with some margin.

Step 2: Paste the Leather

Cut the leather to bond the two pieces together.

I used Intercom 1816B bond. (Non-toxic)

I applied bond on a larger piece and put two small pieces on it.

Then stick the pattern on the leather with a tape.

Step 3: Cut the Leather

Punch the holes first before cutting the outline.

I made holes 3mm and 2mm in diameter.

The size and the number of the holes can vary according to your choice.

Then, Cut along the outline of the pattern.

Step 4: Bevel the Edge

I smoothed the edges with a beveler.

(It's size #1 beveler from Palosanto)

and I made a stitching guide lines 4mm inward from the edge.

Step 5: Stitch to the Center

To match the number of holes on both sides. (To the center) I marked the stitching holes before chiseling.

and I made an identical number of holes on both sides like this. I used a 4mm diamond chisel.

Putting the two pieces with outer sides of the mask facing each other, and I sewed it.

Step 6: Turn It Inside Out

After sew it, turn it inside out for checking the shape.

I cut corner parts because they are where your nose and chin will be.

Step 7: Make a Filter Pocket

I cut the inner layer.

As I did with the outer layer, I sewed the center first.

Then I cut the corners as well.

Step 8: Paste Filter Pocket Layer

I scratched the inner side of the outer layer, Then bonded the inner layer to the outer layer.

Make sure to fit the center and corners.

Step 9: Sew the Whole Sides

I made stitching holes according to the holes on the outer layer.

After stitching, sanded the edges with a sandpaper. (400 grit)

Step 10: Burnish Edges

I finished the edges with water. Burnished with a wood slicker.

Rubbing the edges with a Microfiber cloth can make the smoother edges.

Step 11: Punch Strap Holes

I made holes along the marks with a small oval punch.

Step 12: Make Straps

After bond, cut them 10mm in width. (Length is self measurement)

I punched with 3mm diameter hole punch and stud buttonhole leather punch.

Make two straps as long as it fits your face.

Step 13: Insert Filter

I recommend you to use clean cotton cloth or dust filter cloth.

Step 14: Done!

I hope you craftlovers have enjoyed this instruction.

Thank you guys and see in the next project!