Introduction: Making a Mini Leather Bucket Bag


Today, Ill make a BTS Armybomb leather bag

Step 1: Design & Sketching

I Sketched refering to the Army Bomb

I sketched it, imagining a cylindrical bucket bag

Step 2: Cutting Bottom Part

Cut the leather off the bottom

I used a circular cutter

If you don't, you can cut them with a pattern

Step 3: Making Bottom Side

Make a strap to attach to the side of the circle

Step 4: Stick Bottom and Bottom Side

Apply glue to the edge of the band you have made

When Bond dries, put it according the center mark

Sewing the outside of the attached bottom part

Step 5: Cutting the Main Body Parts

Cut the leather according to the pattern

Make holes in the circle in the pattern

Make two of it

Step 6: Combine Main Body With Inner Side Band

Cut the strap that will be attached to the inside of the main body (in the pattern)

Body : Bond the 5mm edge section

Attach the main body with the strap

And Make a stitch holes

Step 7: Cross Stitching

Attach it to the cross-stitch

Step 8: Cross Stitching 2

Repeat the other side in the same way

The X stitch takes a long time, but the results are pretty

Step 9: Combine Body and Bottom Part

Next, it'll combine the body and the bottom

Step 10: Add Bias Top Edge

Bias leather thickness is 0.4t

Wrap it up

Step 11: Making a String

Make a string that tightens the entrance

I've put in reinforcements for string reinforcement

Step 12: Making a Shoulder Strap

Shoulder straps thickness is 1t

If you cut and fold the end into pattern, It's in a semicircle form

Sewing the entire edge and Sew the straps and the body

Step 13: Done :-)

Thanks for watching!