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Introduction: Mark V Sonic Screwdriver

About: My name is Dan Corrigan and I am a college student interested in Props and Lighting Design. Some of my favorite projects have been the CNC machine that I designed and am constructing, my angel statue, a balala…

I was recently commissioned to create a sonic screwdriver fusing a dragon them with the 11th doctor's sonic.

Some of the crazy things I did with it:

It contains the same sound/lights and tvbgone circuit as my previous models

The marble at the front of the sonic snaps out when you pull the trigger as it is spring loaded

The device uses 2 AA batteries that are easily replaceable by unscrewing the bottom.

I sculpted and cast an eye into the handle and claws around the marble.

And I created a set of instructions to be shipped with the device when I sent it out following the same theme
More on the set of instructions:

I hope you can access the video I included. If not I can upload it to youtube.

(I got two commissions at the same time and am wrapping up the second one {last image}. More detailed instructions will be included with that one, which changes colors)

Step 1: Design

When I got the project I drew it up quickly in a 3d modeling program to figure out how to make a working trigger. The final design evolved from these original sketches along the way as I worked with my client.

Step 2: The Battery Compartment

The battery compartment of this sonic consists of a piece of 4" black pipe with an aluminum sleeve around it, a brass flare nut with a battery contact soldered in (see sonic 3.0), and a piece of plastic derlin at the top with a second battery contact to isolate the positive connection. This type of battery compartment is quick and easy to build and better instructions will be included with the next sonic I post.

Step 3: The Front End

The front end of this sonic is a piece of brass tube with a floral bead epoxied on that slides through a custom cut piece of aluminum. The aluminum was cut on a lathe. Behind the marble sits a white led and an IR led to light up and turn tvs on and off.

Step 4: The Eye

I modeled an eye in clay on the handle of this sonic after a dragon's eye. I then cast it in plastic resin, put it in place with epoxy and painted it.

Step 5: The Claws

The claws were an interesting process. I first sculpted one in clay on the side of the sonic, removed it, molded it and cast it 4 times in plastic resin. After that was done I placed the four claws around the handle with a bit of glue, made the front half of the claws and then sculpted more clay around the claws in place.

Once I was happy with the sculpture I molded it in place, sealed up all of the moving bits of the sonic and cast the final piece in place. It was a relatively stressful process to prevent the liquid plastic from seeping into the trigger mechanism (which happened and led to an hour and a half of cleaning it out). The claws were then cleaned and painted with a moss style texture.

Step 6: Final Product

What I do not have pictures of:

The trigger guard. It is a piece of 1/8th inch brass rod bend and soldered into its shape then epoxied in place

The electronics were very similar to my 3.0 version

I added an O-ring between the brass fitting and the aluminum sleeve at the bottom to give a smoother closing fit.

I painted the entire sonic with acrylic paints, covered the moving parts and gave it a good clear-coat

I wrapped the center section in electrical tape and thread to give a nice textured feel.

I hope you enjoyed the images of this build. I will do a better set of instructions with my next build.

(and once I get a commission to, build something other than a sonic screwdriver. I have some fun props for my next show designed including a sword that imitates decapitation.)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    this is awesome. i cant wait to build one.

    could you possibly make a schematic for the circuit. especially for the arduino connections. and is it possible to use a 12v battery

    The Props Monster
    The Props Monster

    8 years ago

    thank you all for the comments. about the trigger, if I get to it I will try to post some pictures of how it works but I'm out of the U.S. with no wifi on my computer. I hope a verbal description can give you a sense:
    the trigger is three pieces of metal in a sandwich with a rod between them leaving the center one free.
    The outer pieces are connected to the handle firmly.
    The free middle piece pivots on the rod and grabs a ledge on a the brass pipe that retracts to hold it in place. Behind the brass pipe is a spring to push it out when not held in place.
    on the battery side of the middle trigger piece is a spring that presses out of the handle on that side and into the brass tube on the upper end. the very small spring helps latch.
    when the trigger is pulled the arm lets go of the ledge and the spring pushes the brass tube out of the handle. not much spring force is needed to make it all work.


    8 years ago

    have you thought about using a ecig battery? already set up for you and more power to do things with? I dont know just an idea (woukd like to change my ecig to a sonic screwdriver)

    The Props Monster
    The Props Monster

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the idea. Yeah, I have thought about using all sorts of rechargeable batteries for some time, I just have not had a commission want rechargeable yet. Either a rechargeable ecig or vaporizer would make a pretty good heart for one of these things since they have good capacity and the right voltage (usually 3.7v). If you get around to making one, I would love to see it or if you need any advise, I can answer a lot of questions.