Introduction: Mason Jar Soap Dispenser 💮

Today I'm going to teach you guys how to make a super cute and easy Mason Jar Soap Dispenser! Look down below for the supplies!


Any size Mason Jar

* Acrylic Paint

* Paint Brushes

* Ribbon (optional)

* Two soap bottles (with push top)

* Straw

* Tape

* Hot Glue/ Gorilla Glue

Step 1: Getting and Painting Your Mason Jar

* Get the mason jar of your choice and the paint color of your choice, and paint the mason jar!

( 2 coats should do the trick! )

Step 2: Decorate Your Mason Jar

With another acrylic paint color, decorate your mason jar however you want! (~ I did Polka-Dots!~)

Step 3: Adding the Soap

Add in the soap of your choice!

(2-3 smaller bottles should to the trick!)

Step 4: Tracing Your Lid

Trace and center where the top of your soap dispenser is going to go

(This is the part of the dispenser that you push for soap)

Step 5: Cutting Your Lid

Cut the traced spot on your lid for the top of the dispenser

(Using a drill works!)

Step 6: Adding the Extension to Your Dispenser Lid

Take a straw and slide it onto the straw already attached to the top. Trim to the length of your mason jar. Glue or tap to secure.

(Only for bigger mason jars)

Step 7: Glueing

Glue the top to the lid, then secure lid on Mason Jar. Add ribbon for decoration!

( Top goes through hole on lid )

Step 8: Then Your Done!

Your done! Enjoy your homemade Mason Jar Soap Dispenser!

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