Introduction: Super Sized Crayon Storage Box

In this instructable you will learn how to make a super sized crayon storage box! Hope you enjoy!!


What you will need:

* Semi skinny and tall box

* Yellow construction paper

* Makers (All colors)

* Pencil

* Scissors

*Duck Tape

Step 1: Cutting Your Box and Sealing It

Cut the to ends of your box to make sure it can open and close. Then duck tape it shut till it's secure

Step 2: Coloring Your Box

Cover your box with the yellow construction paper

Step 3: Sketching Your Drawing

Sketch what your crayon box is going to look like ( It might be helpful to look at a crayon box for inspiration)

Step 4: Detailing/Coloring Your Box

Color in the traces on the box with markers

Step 5: Then Your Done!!

Enjoy your super sized crayon storage box, perfect for storing your items in!

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