Introduction: Memory Wire Bracelets

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Hello! Welcome to my Instructable!

These memory wire bracelets are super easy to make and are great additions to your everyday attire. They also make good, inexpensive, and special gifts.

That's all I've got to say so let's get started!!!


Memory Wire
Wire Cutters
Needle Nose Pliers
Charm (s) - optional

Step 1: Lay Out Design

When making a bracelet I like to arrange all of the beads beforehand. I find it fun to experiment with different patterns, and especially like to make bracelets with the bead design of a rosary (follow my pattern if you want to do that too)

Step 2: String Beads

Now that you have your design it's time to string your beads :)

Step 3: Form 1st Loop

At the very end of your almost done bracelet use the needle nose pliers to form a loop.

Step 4: Cut Wire

Once your loop is formed, cut of the wire a few centimeters from the opposite end. Make sure that you hold onto the bracelet while you do this so beads don't fly everywhere ;)

Step 5: Form 2nd Loop

Now form a second loop in the same way that you formed the first one.

Step 6: Add Charm (optional) and Finished!

If you want to add a charm, now's the time to do it. Simply open up the charm's jump ring and slip it on. Close the jump ring. Now you're finished! Congratulations! If you liked this instructable then please give me a vote in the jewelry contest!

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