Milk Bottle Earrings With Stamped and Colored Designs




Introduction: Milk Bottle Earrings With Stamped and Colored Designs

I enjoy exploring with upcycling materials for jewelry. Using plastic milk or juice cartons, I cut some earring shapes. Then I explored my stamp collection. My favorite stamps are the maps of San Francisco. One has the street map and the others are more topographical. Once the pattern was on and dry, I used regular sharpies and oil based paint sharpies to add the color. The earrings are light and bright for summer. Have fun making them!

Step 1: You Will Need Plastic Bottles

Once you cut the large flat shapes out of the 3D container you must make sure that all the label is removed. Goo Gone or WD40 does the trick.

You will also need a variety of jeweler's tools, some paper patterns, assorted beads and wire.

Step 2: Use Archival Ink to Stamp the Designs

Next, I lay down the paper earring shapes and trace around them in a color that will show.

Now I use regular scissors to cut out the shapes.

Step 3: Now You Are Ready to Add Some Color

You can use Sharpies that are regular or oil based paint. Silver or gold are fun to have for a metal style accent.

Step 4: Construct Your Earrings!

Punch some holes where needed in the plastic. Often there is a "tag" in the back that needs to be cut off.

Get your wires bent with a circle on the end and attach and close.

Now find some accent beads to attach

Step 5: Get Creative and Have Fun

Let your imagination go.

Cut some shapes in half and dangle them together from the earwire.

Add bead accents

Use the theme of your stamp and go wild. Mine was a map so I cut a one way arrow to dangle in the center hole.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    These are fantastic! Love how easy they are the put together. :D


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Glad that you like them. They are fun to make with your own drawings too!

    These are so pretty! I love seeing all your designs using recycled materials! Also, where did you get those stamps?! I love them!


    8 years ago

    So cool!!! Just wondering if you have an idea for prescription bottles? Cause I have a lot. I have high blood pressure. And want to do something to recycle them.