Introduction: Minecraft Creeper Fingerless Gloves Pattern

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Minecraft is so popular now - my son loves it - so I made him some fingerless gloves with the Minecraft Creeper on them! They are very easy to make and do not take long at all.

Materials Needed:
  • Polar Fleece or other fleece-like material for the glove. If you use some type of fleece, it's simple because you don't need to sew the edges under as they don't unravel. (I didn't have black fleece material so I used a soft black material & had to sew edges under)
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Printer - you'll need to print out the pattern pieces (you can download the PDF pattern on this page)
Print out the pattern pieces. The pattern included here is what I would call a size small. It fits my son who is almost 8-years old (comfortably) and it also fits me (I'm 30 and petite but don't have super tiny hands - just normal) and they fit perfectly on my hands. If you want to be sure about the sizing - the small measures approximately 7 1/2 inches around the palm of the hand underneath the fingers (the part of the fingerless glove where the top connects with the thumb area - measuring all the way around and back to that point).  If you would like to increase the size to a medium, you can print out the pattern and add 1/2 an inch on both sides - and an inch to make it a large. It may take some practice to get your right size, but if you plan on making more gloves it is nice to have some that fit well.

Cutting the Fabric - be sure to lay out the fabric so that the direction of the stretch is horizontal to your project - so it allows for some stretching and room for your hands. You can fold your fabric and layout your pattern piece, pin it,  then cut it out and repeat. For the Minecraft Creeper piece, you should cut out the piece from green felt. I had to take the actual paper pattern piece for the Creeper and take some small scissors to cut the square face pieces out. The material for my gloves were black, so I would need to cut out those pieces from the green felt so the black material would show through.

Preparing the cut fabric - if your fabric has a dull side, make sure that is on the outside now - so after you sew it, then turn it right-side out - the non-dull side will be showing on your finished product.

Sewing on the Creeper -  I recommend that you lay the creeper onto the fabric and try to figure out where you want it to be sewn on exactly (see my pictures for a reference). Then, pin it onto the black material. You may need to trim a little on the side. I recommend that you either sew it on by hand or use a zigzag stitch of some sort on your sewing machine to carefully sew it on. It's not the easiest thing to do - but it also doesn't need to be perfect. The only time I had any issues was when going around edges or corners with the zigzag stitches - but if you take your time there, it'll turn out really nice. Once that is done, you can sew the seams together to finish up the glove.

Sew the seams - I recommend a quarter inch seam allowance on all sides except for the thumb seam. Gradually decrease the seam size once you near the thumb area - to 1/8 in. seam allowance. Careful to reinforce the stitches by going back and forth or going over the entire seam twice. It is up to you. No need to sew the top or bottom of the gloves - the fleece will not fray.

Shortening the thumb - Everyone's hands are different. If the thumb slot is too long, use your scissors (carefully) or rotary cutter to slice a piece off to shorten it. Be sure to go over your stitches again.

Finishing Touches - You can trim the excess seam or leave it as is. If you trim it, use a rotary cutter to be safe and do not cut too close to your seam. If you don't do that, it is fine too - just be sure to cut little half triangles out of the seam bottoms - so your seam does not poke out.

Turn the gloves right-side out - and you are done!

If you want to make some other fingerless gloves, I have more patterns here: