Introduction: Minecraft Personnel Mob Spawner(classic)

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Want More TNT then you need Gun Powder, which is very annoying to get because as we all know creepers are Explosive and deadly. This Mob Spawner Fixes all that. No Creepers blowing you up no Mob overwhelm attack, just Creepers dying and giving you their gun powder. I used Cobble stone for this spawner because well its cheap to get and blast resistant. Mobs only spawn if you are at least Mobs can spawn with 16-17 blocks of the player. the reason i put it up 32 blocks is because you need the height and i like to stay even. If you want you can improve this design by widening the water ways, but i kept it in its standard form because i like it that way. I don't use lava in this mob spawner because i found that the lava burned up to many Items that the mobs dropped so I just used extreme height to kill them. Make sure to read through all the directions before building this as it takes up allot of room and you should see how big it gets Before build starts. And as always Enjoy

You will need

Several stacks of cobblestone(even i Didn't stop to try and count that much cobble stone)

A few torches(used to light up the Top And Underneath The Spawner)

5x Hoppers(used for collecting Items at the bottom)

2 Chest

8x Water Buckets

1x Stack of Stairs(any kind, I used Cobble Stone)

That's It(the Only Problem is lots of cobble stone, which is very easy to get)

Step 1: Base

Start off by Making a 2x2 Chute 32 blocks high. there cant be any beds or common walk ways near the top of the chute so mobs will spawn. Next at the bottom of the chute place 4 of the hoppers so the connect to each other, use the last to connect to a double chest. This is going to be where you pick up all the items that the mobs Drop. is is very important that the hoppers connect to each other correctly so that all the drops go into the chest, otherwise you will not get anything out of the chest it will all be stuck in the hoppers. Make Sure You seal the Chute. Also place a single torch at the bottom of the Chute so mobs don't spawn in there.

Step 2: The Trenches

The Top of the mob spawner is goig to be the most difficult to make because of the fact that you most likly will be high up( if you want you might be able to place a water block down to use as a elevator.). Build off of the sides of the chute using cobble stone in a 8x2 platform, Do this for all four sides. Next Build sides for all the Platforms so they are trenches, Like so.

Step 3: Platform and Walls

Using cobblestone Build out a platform in the shape of a square or circle(In this case i used a square). this is where the mobs will spawn so make sure you light up this area before proceeding. Build walls around the platform 3 high Like so. Then in the trenches place 2 water buckets in the trenches next to the wall, do this for the rest of the platforms. Next Line the Sides of the trenches with stairs. This is so that the Mobs will walk into the trench but will not be able to get back out, when your done it should look like this.

Step 4: Roof

Build a roof over the whole thing so that mobs don't burn up in the sun. After that its just a matter of placing Torches on the Top and bottom of the Spawner. It should look like this in the end. A good place to set up this Spawner is on top of a house of up high where other players can't reach it.

Step 5: Done!

This is what the complete product should look like. This is a very big Project so when you choose the placement for it make sure you have enough room before starting to build it. There are many other version of this but i use this version because it is reliable and not very hard, it just takes a long time to build. You could use a builders wand to make the construction go faster. I tried deepening the trenches so that the mobs would not get out but in the end i used stairs. If you have a question about this or maybe you just want to tell me how much you love my projects(Hey its the Holidays, it could happen!) Post a comment or send me a message, but until then See You Later Minecraft Fans!