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Introduction: How to Install Mods on Your Minecraft

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Have you ever wanted to play on that modded severs or try out that mod that you see in those you tube videos, but you dont know how they Mod their Games. I'm here to tell you how. Whenever i download things from the internet il run a scan over them to make i didn't download some Malware or Trojans, basically try not to download a Virus. after that you are going to need Minecraft forge to run whatever Mod you are using. the easy way to find out what version of the mod your downloading is to go to the website and look at which version of minecraft its supposed to run on. It is suggested that you read through this before starting.

What you Need

Mod downloaded(extracted if needed)

Minecraft Forge(installed)

Step 1: Start Minecraft

Start up your minecraft Game(client) and click on that little Edit Profile. It will bring up a screen that has many panels. Don't get overwhelmed most of this stuff i don't even know what it does so dont mess with most of it witha few exceptions in the future. click on the Button that says "Open Game Dir" that will take you to the file data. If you have downloaded Minecraft Forge you will need to have played it without any mods at least once. If you dont know how to just keep reading

Step 2: Data Folder

Now your in the Data folder. in here you can access almost anything in the entire game from the CONFIG. files to the Mods and Maps Folder. Scroll down to the mods folder and open it. Take the mod that you want to Play and drag it into the folder. Close the Window.

Step 3: Not Done Yet

After that all you have to do is switch to Minecraft forge by Clicking on the scroll down bar and clicking Forge (insert whatever version of minecraft you are playing). when you Download forge be sure you have the right version or you might not be able to play the mod your using.

Step 4: Now We Are Done

That's it. There are a few different way to access the Data Folder Such as Typing into the Run Program %appdata% which i frequently use but this is the simplest way to get into the folder on both Windows and Mac. You can download More than one version of Minecraft Forge at a time just when you do you have to make sure the mods are compatible with it or your Minecraft will not start. Some mods you have to pay close attention to when downloading so that you don't download the wrong version of forge. Also some mods might not be compatible with each other for different reasons(could be a Item ID could be something else) its best to check the website you download the mod from for a list of mods it is compatible with. Most technology mods that require a power source should be compatible with Universal energy Mod(wouldn't be universal if it wasn't universal T_T). If you have a Way to improve this Instructables send me a MSG or drop a comment(I Love the feedback you great guys and girls give me), and as always See you next time Minecraft Fans

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