Introduction: Mini Campsite

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I am in the middle of adding on to my mini city and I brainstormed many ideas of what to add and this is one of them. Also at any point if you don’t understand the text, I have pics of everything I did. If you have any ideas of what I can add into my city, I am open for suggestions if you would like to put those ideas into the comments.


•Hot Glue Gun (or any type of glue)

•Tooth Pics

Fire Pit:
•Tooth Pics
•Red, Orange, And Yellow Felt

Step 1: Tent Base

Cut the tooth pics to these sizes; two 6cm pics, four 2.5cm pics, four 3cm pics. Lay the 6cm's and two 2.5cm's in a rectangle as shown in the pic above. Take the other two 2.5cm's and lay them down coming out of the short parts on the rectangle as shown in the second pic. Then put the four 3cm’s going from the corners of the rectangle to the top of the front piece (or you can look at the pics for an idea of what to do).

Step 2: Glue Tent Base

Step 3: Put Top on Tent

For this you will need to cut a 6.2cm by 6.2cm (you can trim down when you are done gluing). Put some hot glue on the pieces that meet the felt as shown in the pics shown above. Now you can stop the tent here or put the front and back onto the tent.

Step 4: Put Front & Back On

Take the tent and put it face down on the felt and trace the tent’s face. Trace that again and then cut it out. Cut one of them in half for the door to the tent. When that is done, place hot glue on the back of the tent and put the solid triangle on. Now on the front of the tent, put some hot glue on the angled pieces and lay the front on. Now your tent is done.

Step 5: Campfire

Take a few toothpicks and cut them to 1-2cm pieces (these are the logs in the fire, you can make them 4-5cm for a bonfire). Then glue the toothpicks (logs) together as you would see a normal campfire. Now cut out some squiggly fire shapes out of red, orange, and yellow felt. Hot glue those to the log pile you have and your campfire is done.