Introduction: Mini Coffee Shop

A quarantine project inspired by DIY mini houses. In this project, I tried to make the physical model have a texture that the digital one, that's why a problem occurred since my filament was limited.

The total print hours for all projects is approximately 11 hours. Using medium quality.

Desing Link : Tinkercad.


3D printer.
2D printer.

White, brown, wood, black and yellow filament.

contact glue

hot glue.

Color papers.

Step 1: Base.

Cut one piece of polystyrene and three of cardboard, two of the same size and one for the step.

glue them and line them with wood prints.

polystyrene size: 85mmx140mm.

cardboard size:100mmx100mm.

Step 2: Walls, Door and Windows.

Glue all the piezes with hot glue.

Step 3: Planter

Glue a green pieze of paper in the planter and glue it in the floor.

Step 4: Sing and Awning.

Assemble sing and stick it on top of the front likewise with the awning.

Step 5: Armchair.

Assemble and place at the bottom

Step 6: Counter.

Cut the paper in square piezes and stick it to the white part, glue the other piezes and place it.

Step 7: Shelves and Blackboard

stick all the pieces on the walls.

Step 8: Books and Frame.

Print book covers and stick them to the pieces , place them and ready.

Step 9: Jars

Cut piezes of papers and stick them.

Step 10: Coffee Machine.

Stick all the piezes and place it in the counter.

Step 11: Stool.

stik them and place it next to the counter.

Step 12: Ceiling and Lamps.

Stick all the parts and place it in the right top. you can put led´s in it.

Step 13: Ready

Your mini coffee shop is finished, you can find mistakes because i am not very good at english.

Tinkercad Student Design Contest

Runner Up in the
Tinkercad Student Design Contest