Introduction: Mini House Plan Template

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I have been wanting to sketch a dream house for a while and I only needed a template to trace. This is the template I made at 2% scale. Later I plan to add more items into this template and share the upgrades with the world. If you think of anything else I should add in, let me know in the comments below.

Step 1: Toilet

For the toilet you will need a cylinder and a square at the sizes in the pic above.

Step 2: Door

Get a cylinder at 20mm by 20mm and turn it into a 45 degree angle. Then you have a door to trace.

Step 3: Extra Pieces

Add in a few extra parts that can be traced as anything.

Step 4: Base of Template

Get a square out and make its height at 0.9mm high and length and width whatever length you want.

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