Introduction: Mini Pocket Pool Table

I decided to make this project because I wanted to create a mini portable pool set just to take about anywhere and have fun. The Materials: Hot glue, Felt in any color, Cardboard, Bamboo skewers, Picture frame of any size ( frame with no design looks better), Beads or metal balls ( I used 3/8 slingshot ammo) Tools: Scissors, File or sandpaper, Pencil and pen, Ruler, And sharp knife

Step 1: Removing

Remove the glass and back of the picture frame so you are only left with a frame for the pool table walls.

Step 2: The Board

Once you have the empty frame trace the inside into a cardboard piece but make sure you don't trace the outside or it won't fit in the frame.

Step 3: Making the Pockets

After you have the correct measurement on the piece of cardboard add 4 pockets on each corner but making sure that the ball will go through make it a bit larger.

Step 4: The Last 2 Pockets

Measure the middle of the board and draw a line through, then add 1 on each side to create 3 parallel lines, this step is so the pocket is exactly in the middle. Once the lines are drawn add the remaining pockets on each side making 6 pockets in total.

Step 5: Cutting Out

Cut out each hole to make a pocket. I used small scissors because it doesn't rip the cardboard and makes a good circle.

Step 6: Fabric

Trace the felt or fabric to the cardboard and the inside holes. Once finished, hot glue only the outer edges or else the glue will create bumps on the board.

Step 7: Adding to the Frame

Once the fabric is glued to the board place it into the back of the frame. It should fit in snug. Then glue the board to the frame. It is fine if extra fabric hangs out in the back, because its under the board anyway.

Step 8: The Stick

Take a bamboo skewer and cut it to desired length and smooth the points with sandpaper or a file.

Step 9: Results

I hope this helped a bit on a project to do, also you can add a stand to make the table higher. Have fun making your own mini pool table :)