Introduction: Miniature Fast Food Set

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If you are looking for something fun to do, as a kid or an adult, you should try out making clay formations! With this fun activity, you give yourself discipline by forming a detailed tiny fast food set!


  • Clay colors of your choice
  • Knife/clay cutting blade
  • Glaze
  • Oven
  • Pan
  • Parchment paper
  • Lots of discipline! ;)

Step 1: Creating Your Food Tray

For a start, create a small rectangle for the base of your tray. Once that is finished, cut smaller strips, and press them to the sides of your base so that it makes a rail around the rectangle base.

Step 2: Creating Your Cup

Once you have finished your tray, form a cylinder. Then squeeze the bottom of your cup a bit so that it's smaller at the bottom than the top.

Step 3: Adding Details to Your Cup

Next, add the design of your choice to the body of your cup. Now secure a lid and a straw to the top.

Step 4: Molding Your Fry Box

Now that you have finished your cup, begin forming your fry box so that it looks like the picture above.

Step 5: Adding Your Fries

After you finish the box, cut out a yellow chunk of clay. Then take your knife and cut strips all the way down the chunk of clay. Now, take the yellow strips and stick them to your fry box.

Step 6: Forming Your Hotdog

To start your hotdog, if you don't have a light enough brown, mix tan clay in with the dark brown clay. Now take your bright red clay and roll out a hotdog like shape. Now take your light brown clay, and paste it to the bottom of your hotdog. Then press it around the hotdog as the picture shows above. After that, take a strip of yellow, and swirl it over the hotdog.

Step 7: Creating Your Ketchup Container

Next, form a ball and add a extra strip around the top so that it forms a ring.

Step 8: Adding the Ketchup

After you have created your ketchup container, add a thin red strip over the top of the container, then add a little curl.

Step 9: Forming Your Burger Buns

Now, like you did with your hotdog bun, mix your brown and tan together so that it makes a lighter brown. Then form them in to two smashed circles so that they are the shape of a burger bun.

Step 10: Adding the Condiments and Burger

Once you have finished your burger buns, take a thin layer of red and yellow and carefully slap them onto your bottom burger bun. Now, take a chunk of dark brown, smash it in to a circle, then place it on the condiments.

Step 11: Placing the Onions and Ketchup on Your Burger

Next, take a small piece of green clay and warp lumps in to it so that it looks like lettuce. Then take two tan strips of tan clay, and form them into onions. Place both on the burger.

Step 12: Creating and Finishing the Burger

Now that you have finished the insides of the burger, place the second bun on top. Next, take tiny little tan pieces of clay, and shape them to look like sesame seeds. Make sure to take your time so that they look real enough to eat (but don't eat them, of course!🙂). Place them on the burger bun.

Step 13: Finished Forming!

Now that you finished your burger, you have finished forming the last part of your mini fast food set!

Step 14: Baking and Glossing Your Set

After finishing forming your clay set, place them on parchment paper and put them in a pan. Put them in the oven at 275° and let them bake 30 minutes per each 1/4 of an inch that the clay measures. After they are done baking, coat gloss over them so that they are shiny!

Step 15: Your Set Is Finished!

After baking and glossing is complete, your miniature fast food set is finished! Now you can display it wherever you would like, or you could also give it as a fun gift to a friend or a family member!

Have fun sculpting! Hope you enjoy!

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