Introduction: Miniature/Magnifined Photography Hack Using Laser Lens-DIY

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From the very small age I am preety much intresting in taking photograps in different modes and focus. Once i was trying to taking a photographs of something which is miniature in nature but i am not able to properly click that photos since I use my smart phone only and needed some magnifiaction kind of thing.

This brought me an idea in my mind to attach a lens in my smartphone's camera which can take such photos easily. Hence in this instructable i will show to take magnifined photograps with just simple Hack using Laser Lens.

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Lets Get Started!

Step 1: Salvaging of Lens

We need to first salvage that lens which is heart component in our photography. That lens can be easily salvaged by laser light module or laser light Toy which can be easily found in market or in your collection.

Watch video!

Step 2: Attaching of Lens

We will attach that lens with the help of plastic adhesive tape.

Note: Ensure that the lens should be in middle of the camera facing and adhesive Tape should not overlap the vision of camera . This can make your photos dull.

Step 3: Ready to Click Photograps

Now we are ready to click some amazing shots .Hover your Smartphones Camera over objects. You will see some amazing magnifined photographs. Here i have attached Few Click of mine.

Video by such Lens is here.(Click here to see)

Step 4: Few Clicks of Mine

These are the pictures which i able to capture with that simple Hack and trust it works really awesome.

Attachements includes:
1. Natures Photos - Leaves, Flowers, Plant stem, etc

2. Few Electronics Components - Capacitors, Zener Diodes, Resistors, Arduino Components, ICs, etc

3. Random Clicks

Step 5: Clicks of Few Electrical Components

Here you can see some magnefined photos of Miniature components I have clicked .]

Application: To Read out Part number, Serial numbers,Ratings,etc which is not able to detect by naked Eyes.

Step 6: Enjoy Photography Hack

You Can see my video for this instructable here

This marks the end of this instructable.

Hope you liked it.

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