Introduction: Minimal Geometric Jewelry

This is an easy and fun way to create some striking geometric jewelry! Geometric jewelry is having a moment, but I find they can be a little pricey in stores. This project can be made with just some common household items, but the results look high-end. I receive tons of compliments on this necklace, and funnily enough a lot of people think it is 3D printed!

Step 1: Prepare

What you need:

- thick iron wire

- paracord or any other cord that is woven "round", so hollow inside

- pliers

- glue or matches (if you're using synthetic cord)

First, it's easiest if you decide on a design by making some sketches. I chose to go for a square design of a necklace and some earrings, but there are plenty more options!

Step 2: The Cord

After choosing your design, it is easiest to draw the shape in the actual size on a piece of paper, this will make it easier to bend correctly. Of course, you can also freestyle it.

You will need to cut a piece of iron wire that has the correct length for your design, so either use a ruler or your timber man's eye. The iron wire only has to have the length of the part you actually want to bend.

Then, determine the length of cord that you need. For earrings, you may need the same length of cord as iron wire. For a necklace, you should determine how low you want it to hang and add this length to the length of the iron wire. Cut a few centimeters extra to create the closure later on.

Now start inserting the iron wire into the cord. Since the cord is hollow on the inside, just push the iron wire in, and carefully slide the cord down around it. Keep pushing until the iron wire is centered in the middel of the cord.

Step 3: Bend!

Now comes the fun part, start bending! Use some pliers and you hands to create an awesome shape.

Step 4: Finishing

Once you're satisfied with your design, cut of any excess cord or wire. If the cord is synthetic, like mine, you can use matches or a candle to carefully melt the ends and create a clean finish. If not, use some transparent glue for the ends, and place a little glue under the overlapping lines for added security.

Attach earring hangers, pins, or a necklace closure, or make a knot-and-loop closure as I did for the necklace.

Wear with pride!