Introduction: Minions Bracelet

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In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Minions inspired bracelet

If you're a fan of Minions then this project is for you

If you're not a fan of Minions but you like to wear bracelets then this project is also for you

So ready to get started? ;-)

Step 1: Materials

  • Paracord Yellow (8 feet = 4feet X2) Blue (1f)
  • Buckle (1) Black-Plastic
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Washers (2 small)

Step 2: Pimp Your Bracelet

Follow this previous tutorial I made Paracord Bracelet Jewelry it will show you how to create a basic solomon/cobra bracelet with washers.

Just substitute cord colors, the bracelet should be yellow (main color) , the stripe/thin line in the middle should be blue or black, that's up to you. If you have black and blue cord mix even better.

Step 3: Minions Eyes

I chose washers for the Minions gogles/eyes

You only need 2 of them, insert them in the middle/center of the bracelet Follow step 5 from one of previous bracelet tutorials

I added numbers to the weave so you can have an idea where to place your washers (see image)

It doesn't matter how long the bracelet is, just place the washers in the middle, leaving 1 knot/space between the washers

Step 4: Show It Off

There you have it!

You have created a Minion Bracelet... Congrats!

Step 5: Variation

You could use different types of cord, different color tones, darker or brighter colors, as long as you stick to the main colors which are yellow, blue and black

I added an image with the Minions palette just in case

Since I chose a black buckle, for me there was no need to add black cord to the bracelet design

You can make a 1 eye minion, but I would recommend a bigger washer, place it in the center of the bracelet

The variations are endless, you can try a different knot/weave, etc

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed creating it

I mean who doesn't love Minions, even as an adult, you can still rock your Minion bracelet!

If you got kids they will love it for sure...

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