Introduction: Mint Lemonade

-Mint lemonade is very flavourful,frothy and refreshing for a hot summer day.

-Adding mint leaves and few spices makes it very tasty

Step 1: Keep All Ingredients Ready


- 6 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

- Few mint leaves
- 3 tbsp sugar

- one cup cold water

- Half tsp black salt

- Half tsp pepper powder

- one tsp crushed cumin or cumin powder

Step 2: Take Mint Leaves and Lemon Juice

-Take few mint leaves and 6 tbsp lemon juice in blender

Step 3: Blend Mint Leaves and Lemon Juice

-After adding mint leaves and lemon juice in blender give short pulse until leaves are crushed

Step 4: Add Sugar

-After blending mint leaves and lemon juice,Add 3 tablespoon sugar to same blender

Step 5: Add Spices

-Add Half tsp black salt,half tsp pepper powder and half tsp crushed cumin to blender

Step 6: Add Water and Blend

-Add one cup of cold water and blend again everything until you see froth

Step 7: Serve Lemonade

-Garnish with some mint leaves and serve mint lemonade cold.

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