Mint Pulao



Introduction: Mint Pulao

-Mint pulao is flavorful and can be good one pot meal. Main flavour of pulao is with green paste which is blend of ginger garlic,coconut,chillies and onion.

-This can be served with some raita


-Tsp black cumin seeds

-Small inch cinnamom stick


-2 cardamom

-1 clove

-2 diced onions

-2 diced tomatoes

-one diced potato

-2 cups of chopped mint leaves

-2 dry red chillies

-Tsp ginger garlic paste

-2 tsp dry dessicated coconut

-Half cup of boiled fresh green peas

-Tsp of coriander powder

-Salt as per taste

Step 1: Preparing Mint Masala Paste

-Before staring the procedure we need to prepare mint masala paste which is the blend of spices and mint leaves.

-Mint rice taste and flavour is with mint masala paste.

-Keep all ingredients ready for mint masala paste. we need to take 2 cups of mint leaves,2tsp dry dessicated coconut, tsp of ginger garlic paste,one small onion chopped and 2 dry red chillies in blender.

Step 2: Blend to Paste

-Blend by adding little water in blender to paste

Step 3: Procedure for Mint Pulao

-Once mint masala paste is ready next step is pulao preparation.Take a vessel and add little oil to it.

-When oil is heated add tsp of black cumin seeds and when they splutter add small inch cinnamom,bay leaf, cardamom and clove and saute for few minutes

Step 4: Add Onions and Potato

- Next add onions and saute for few minutes. Add diced potatoes and cook for some time

Step 5: Add Tomatoes

-once potatoes are slightly cooked add 2 chopped tomatoes and mix.

-Next add half cup of boiled green peas and mix everything.

Step 6: Add Mint Masala Paste

-Add prepared mint masala paste and mix so that all veggies are coated with mint paste

Step 7: Add Salt and Coriander Powder

-Add pinch of turmeric,salt as per taste and a tsp of coriander powder and give a mix

Step 8: Soak the Rice

-Take 2 cups of rice and soak the rice in 4 cups of water before starting the procedure

Step 9: Add Soaked Rice

-Transfer soaked rice to cooked veggie mint masala paste and give a mix.

-Add 4 cups water for 2 cups rice

Step 10: Cook Rice

-Cook rice by closing the lid and mixing in intervals.

Step 11: Garnish and Serve

-Garnish with mint leaves ,onion slices and serve hot

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