Introduction: Miss La Sen Burlap Tote Bag

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Miss La Sen is character in Sorim story boardgame, comic books, cartoon clips and Miss La Sen spring rolls.

Step 1: Download This Pattern for Miss La Sen Shape and Print It Out in A4 Size Paper.

Step 2: Cut 2 Burlap Fabric Sheets Into the Rectangle, 36cm Wide, 43 Cm High for the Body of the Tote Bag.

Step 3: Sew the 2 Fabric Rectangles Together by Machine.

Step 4: Sew the Bottom With the Shape Like That, 27cm Wide, 8cm High.

Step 5: The Outside of the Bottom.

Step 6: Cut the Fabric Rectangle, 56cm Long, 5cm Wide for Each String. Fold It Into 2 Parts, Sew Them. You Have 2 Strings.

Step 7: Sew 2 Strings on the Top of the Tote Bag.

Step 8: Sew Some Stitches Like X Letter to Fix the Top of the Bag and the End of Each String Together.

Step 9: Cut the Head and the Body of Miss La Sen on the Felt

Step 10: Cut the Swimming Suit, Eyes, Headband, Cheeks, Mouth, Flower, Bow... on the Felt.

Step 11: Glue or Sew the Headband Onto the Head

Step 12: Glue or Sew the Flower on the Right Ear.

Step 13: Glue or Sew the Eyes, Mouth, Cheeks,bow Onto the Head.

Step 14: Glue or Sew the Swimming Suit Onto the Body.

Step 15: Glue or Sew the Miss La Sen’s Head Onto the Body.

Step 16: Sew or Glue Miss La Sen Onto the Burlap Tote Bag. You Have the Miss La Sen Burlap Tote Bag