Introduction: Miss La Sen Felt Purse

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Miss La Sen is believed to bring the luck, money, finance so people often use her image on their purse, wallet, pouch… You can make this craft simply.

Step 1: Download This Pattern for Miss La Sen Felt Purse.

Step 2: Print It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 3: Use the Felt Fabric, Thread, Needle, Glue Gun and Scissors.

Step 4: Cut the Body of Purse and 2 Sides Like the Picture on the Blue Felt Fabric.

Step 5: Fold the Body of Purse Like the Picture.

Step 6: Use the Simple Running Stitch to Stitch the Body and the Left Side Together. You Can Use the Blanket Stitch or the Simple Running Stitch.

Step 7: Sew the 2 Borders of the Left Side Like the Picture.

Step 8: Stitch the Body and the Right Side Together.

Step 9: Use a Shirt Button.

Step 10: Stitch the Shirt Button on the Body of the Purse.

Step 11: Cut a Rectangle 6 Cm Long and 0.4 Cm Wide on Blue Felt to Make a Hook.

Step 12: Make a Felt Fabric Hook As Shown.

Step 13: Put the Button in the Hook.

Step 14: Cut the Miss La Sen’s Elements Such As Eyes, Mouth, Headband, Bow…

Step 15: Take the Face.

Step 16: Glue the Hair on the Face.

Step 17: Glue the Red Headband on the Hair.

Step 18: Glue the Blue Bow on the Red Headband.

Step 19: Glue the Miss La Sen’s Head on the Body of the Purse.

Step 20: Use the White Acrylic Pen to Make Up Her Eyes. Done.