Introduction: Miss La Sen Lotus Triangle Bottom Lantern

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You have the lotus lantern with 2 layers, 6 petals. It is very simple

Step 1: Download This Pattern. Print It in A2 Size Paper.

Step 2: Trace on the Art Paper or Foam. Cut the First Layer and the Second Layer.

Step 3: Punch 3 Holes on Each Layer to Insert the Arrows Like the Picture.

Step 4: Use the Glass Paper to Glue on Each Layer.

Step 5: Insert the Arrows Into the Holes

Step 6: Use the Zinc String to Insert Into the Bottom of the First Layer.

Step 7: Insert the Zinc String Into the Bottom of the Second Layer

Step 8: Cut the Excess String

Step 9: Punch the Holes on the Top of Each Petal for the Second Layer

Step 10: You Should Insert the Arrows Inside Like the Picture. It Is More Beautiful.

Step 11: Use the String to Insert Into the Holes on the Top and Tie Them Together.

Step 12: You Can Cut the Top Bracket to Insert Into the Holes on 3 Petals of Second Layer.

Step 13: Cut the Sepal to Glue Under the Lotus Lantern.

Step 14: Download the Pattern for Miss La Sen Shape. Cut the Elements and Glue Them Together. Put Miss La Sen Under the Lantern