Introduction: Miss La Sen Square Lunar New Year Decoration

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Miss La Sen is the lucky and protective symbol. With the Miss La Sen image which holds the coin, you can use it to decorate in Lunar new year. Miss La Sen square lunar new year decoration is rather easy to make

Step 1: Use This Pattern

Step 2: Download This Pattern and Print It Out in A3 Size Paper.

Step 3: Download This Pattern for the Miss La Sen Shape and Print It Out in A3 Size Paper.

Step 4: Cut the Square on the Red Foam or Felt.

Step 5: Cut the Head, Legs, Arms on the Foam or Felt.

Step 6: Cut the Headband, Flower, Cheeks, Mouth

Step 7: Cut the Coin and the Bow

Step 8: Cut the Eyes, Dress, Shoes...

Step 9: Glue the Headband, Flower Like the Picture

Step 10: Cut the Bow, Eyes, Cheeks, Mouth and Glue Them Like the Picture

Step 11: Glue the Legs Onto the Shoes.

Step 12: Glue the Dress Onto the Legs

Step 13: Glue the Head Onto the Dress.

Step 14: Glue the Coin Onto the Dress

Step 15: Glue the Arms Onto the Coin.

Step 16: Glue the Miss La Sen Onto the Red Square and Glue or Hang It Onto the Wall, the Door.

You have the funny decoration for the lunar new year.