Introduction: Mousse Delight

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Mousse is one of the favourite desserts of almost all of us. In this instructable, I'll teach you a very simple way to make mousse at home with very few ingredients. So guys, let's get started.


1. Cake crumbs (You can use any flavour of your choice. I used chocolate as I absolutely love them.)
2. Whipping cream (1/3rd cup)
3. Chocolate (1/2 cup)
4. Almonds and cashews

Step 1: Preparing the Mousse

1. At first, take the whipping cream and whip it until soft peaks are formed. You can use either an electric beater or a hand whisk for this purpose.

2. Take the chocolate and cut it into small pieces. You can either microwave it or melt it in a double boiler.
For microwaving, put the chopped chocolates into the microwave bowl and set it for 25 seconds. Take it out after 25 seconds and stir it. Put it for another 15-20 seconds and repeat the process. If your chocolate doesn't properly melt by now, put it in for another 10 seconds. Keep stirring it until it totally melts.
If you wish to melt your chocolate in the stove, light it up and place a container on it filling one third of it with water. When it comes to a boil, place the chocolates in a larger container such that the bottom of it doesn't touch the water surface. Keep the flame low and keep stirring. If the flame is high, there're high chances of burning your chocolate.

3. Take half of your whipped cream in another bowl and add a portion of the melted chocolate into it. Keep stirring until it is well combined.

Step 2: Filling the Mousse

1. Take two mousse bowls. Put some cake crumbs at the base.

2. Take the whipped cream and pour it into a piping bag. Pour it into the mousse bowls.

3. Now take some chopped almonds and cashews and put them on the whipped cream. You can add pistachio if you prefer it. I avoided it as I personally prefer almonds and cashews.

4. Pour the chocolate whipped cream into another piping bag and pour in on the top.

5. Decorate your mousse bowls with some white cream lining, chopped almonds and cashews and a small piece of cake.

6. Chill the mousse in the refrigerator before serving it. This helps to thicken the mousse and also enhances the taste.

Step 3: Plating and Serving the Mousse

1. Take a plate and pour some melted chocolate at one of it's sides. Now gently tilt the plate and allow the chocolate to flow.

2. Place the mousse bowls at the side of the plate and place some cake crumbs,almonds and cashews at the base of the bowl.

3. Serve it to your guests and enjoy the yummy mousse together.

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